UR-GENT Lt. Dan Choi Hearing in a matter of hours

Melanie Nathan, Lt. Dan Choi and Shirley Tan

Melanie Nathan, Lt. Dan Choi and Shirley Tan

Yesterday I met Lt. Dan Choi as the photos on my home page (scroll down) indicate.  He has the heart of a soldier and now an activist.  When speaking to him he exuded passon  for the army and our Country and wants to serve; he suggests the very idea of booting gays from the army is detrimental to the interests of our country – and not the opposite- as you have all been led to believe.   He speaks four foreign languages including Arabic.  To lose his service on the basis of derliction of duty is not only absurd but a very poor reflection on our so called democratic ideals, ironocally the very fight he is ultimately fighting.

How can we throw the Lt. Choi’s out in this unconscienable fashion.  I urfge you to find this petiton below and sign it right now.  If  you want I will be delighted to forward the email to you and you can reach me at   –  Show your support of this American hero sign now there are mere hours to go.

Dear Melanie,
On Friday, we sent you the following message from Dan Choi, a native of California and an Army Lieutenant facing trial on Tuesday for “moral and professional dereliction” under the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy.

With just hours left until Lt. Choi’s trial, an amazing 91,147 people have signed the letter of support linked below asking the Army not to fire Lt. Choi.

It’s important that Lt. Choi walks into the courtroom on Tuesday holding as many letters of support as possible. Can you help us gather more than 100,000 signatures by adding your name now and forwarding this email to your friends?


Rick Jacobs
Chair, Courage Campaign”




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