This is getting a lot of attention – UAFA Foot Soldiers please join the Brigade

VISIT – Out 4 Immigration Action Kit.  
Please spread to word to as many States and Blogs as possible.

There is so much going on – all the LGBT organizations are putting out uniform calls to action – ENDA-DADT- DOMA – this being the time now! Now!  Now!    In this scrap for your attention, I hear this Hortonesque sound, a speckle of a voice; it is small and it is getting louder.  It is as loud as you want to hear it and so we leave the world of Dr. Seuss and enter Julius Caesar with “friends, Americans, and Countrypersons…lend me your ears….”   Okay this is not funny this is serious, but now that I have your ears in my sack of slack I scream and you hear, “ WHAT ABOUT US?   BINATIONALS – UAFA!”   ….. read on…….

Binational  is a term coined to denote LGBT spouses/partners who by virtue of US exclusionary laws

Please read Melanie Nathan’s blog on Lez Get real at – logo fr out4I

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