LGBT COMMUNITY – Resign JOE you have betrayed US!

Betrayed and resign

Andrew Sullivan calls for Joe Solmonese to resign!

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One Comment on “LGBT COMMUNITY – Resign JOE you have betrayed US!”

  1. rachel wahba October 15, 2009 at 10:54 AM #

    hi melanie
    andrew sullivan is my hero. i love him.
    SPEAKING THE TRUTH…beautiful.
    and rare…
    how quickly integrity can go out the window in exchange for the paycheck the kudos, the fame and the glory..having tea in the white house…the lgbt politicos rise up and clap eyes wide shut as the emperor with no clothes struts his duds. ugh. as our brothers and sisters get discharged, fired, and lives ruined over and over and over and how many more till “2017” are to be sacrificed ? obama could do it now. the question joe s. should be asking is “why isn’t barak delivering NOW?”
    AND THE SHEEP BOW. all of them in a narcissistic “you;’re so great i’m so great arent’ we great” orgy.
    i remember being at an HRC dinner in DC and feeling as if i was suffocating in a sea of phoniness. clapping for Bill Clinton (who was supposed to be our friend also ) and counting the minutes until i could escape to my room upstairs.
    love you melanie

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