reBlog from Taylor Swift A Nazi – Or a Joke -You decide?

I blogged today for LGR and this is what I had to say….     swiftswastika

You cannot go platinum a gazillion times and get away with this one. However seems popular darling and singing sensation may well get her pass, at least from those who do not have a clue. But for this lesbian Jewish woman, there is no pass.  While the blogs ablaze with comments senseless, I wonder how no-one gets the “JH” on the T Shirt. This is a coincidence!  She never meant it as JH= “Jew Hater.”  She does not mean it , nope she is just too pretty to mean it, her voice is too good for her to mean it…even though she has her arm around a swastika bearing little Nazi.  Well seems no one has thought of  JH=“Jew Hunter.” Either way I demand an explanation and a heartfelt apology, unless of course she really does mean it! Then she can own it and kiss her career, Taylor Swift A Nazi – Or a Joke -You decide?, Oct 2009

You should read the whole article.

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