Muslim Lesbian Couple Fight Deportation in Canada in Fear of Honor Killing

An Arab-Israeli lesbian couple, who fled to Canada from Israel in fear of death at the hands of their Muslim family have been told they can remain in Canada for another chance at receiving asylum, according to the  Toronto Sun newspaper.

Iman Musa and Majida Mugrabi, living in Toronto, filed unsuccessful refugee claims that were appealed to the Federal Court of Canada; and now the couple has been granted another hearing by an Immigration and Refugee Board based on new information that shows one of Mugrabi’s cousins confessed to the “honor killing” of his sister 12-years ago.

According to the post, the  couple provided an emotional letter explaining that  they would be killed if forced to return for being Muslim  and in a same-gender relationship.

The couple, through their lawyer, Daniel Kingwell, said they were pleased by the court’s decision but still fear for their lives.

“As Muslim women, we don’t have any rights in our families,” the couple wrote. “The fact that we are lesbians does not help.”

The letter claimed Mugrabi’s grandfather is a Muslim sheikh, who “repeatedly threatened to kill her.” Musa’s brother, from Ramleh, has “threatened to kill her if she does not leave her lesbian relationship and marry a male,” the women alleged. “There are several police complaints regarding the threats of her brother.”

“Same sex relationships are not permitted or accepted in all Arabic countries,” they said. “There are many stories about honor killings and we are victims of this.” Kingwell said the women will be killed if deported to Israel.“The situation is not the greatest for gays or lesbians in some Arab countries,” Kingwell said on Saturday, adding many “honour killings” occur from family members who slay their same-sex or gay relatives.

While Israel is known as a country highly tolerant  of its thriving LGBT community with elements of equality, it is a well known fact that the Arab communities in Israel still hold an extremely conservative outlook and condemn the LGBT lifestyle.

The U.S. Courts have been known to grant asylum to lesbians who seek refuge after similar death threats by family members in Middle eastern countries.

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4 Comments on “Muslim Lesbian Couple Fight Deportation in Canada in Fear of Honor Killing”

  1. Anonymous Concern March 21, 2012 at 8:38 PM #

    I know these women. They are two of the most bigoted and homophobic women I’ve met. All of their cliams are false. Majida was a hairdresser in Israel, even there she would party and drink, with her family fully aware of her behavior. They come from totally secular fmailies. The only things covering their heads are bad highlights.

    I don’t appreciate people tarnishing the name of Arabs in the name of being gay when they are homophobes jsut to get status here so they can continue to collect welfare while working under the table.

    And n.b., Israel protects the rights of Gays and Lesbians!

    • Melanie Nathan March 21, 2012 at 8:50 PM #

      Please could you contact me to discuss this further and I will keep your anonymity at my email

      Are you saying that they are NOT a lesbian couple and their story is fabricated?

      Do you have any more information you would like to share with me or site?

      By the way, yes I know Israel protects Gays and lesbians and that anyone who commits an honor killing will be subjected to the criminal system in Israel – but that does not guarantee anyone protection. Anyone can commit a murder regardless of equality laws. That does not mean they will get away with it and nor does it guarantee anyone safety! That said I would like to hear more…

  2. Sara April 11, 2012 at 1:24 PM #

    I find this article quite perdjustice. First of all I’m a Muslim queer female who wears a hijab who happens to be raised and born in Canada. Muslim females do have many rights as any Muslim gay. Also I think these women who are in danger should get some help and security by the government of Israel if they cant stay in Canada. Finally I hate the picture of this article majority Muslim women do not wear an ugly disgusting nijab

    • Melanie Nathan April 13, 2012 at 8:14 PM #

      How can Israeli security protect people from their own family members?If they are in real danger and the Canadian court makes that determination there is no reason why they should not be granted asylum. If you have a better picture for me to use that is not copyrighted and will not cost any money because all my hundreds of hours on this site are unpaid and unsponsored and guess what the hundreds of hours of advocacy work behind the scenes for which this site serves as a platform happen to be FREE too! I apologize that the picture does not meet your criteria!

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