World AIDS DAY | South African Gold Coin Exchange Announces Mandela Collectible Coin’s U.S. Beneficiaries

Three U.S.A. Charities to benefit from sales of The Mandela Red Ribbon Twin Set

!cid_image002_jpg@01CD3F02Editorial, December 01, 2012.

In honoring Worlds AIDS DAY on December 01, The South African Gold Coin Exchange (SAGCE) has chosen three renowned charities based in the United States of America, to benefit from the sale of a newly launched Nelson Mandela set of collectible coins, the first such historic commemorative coins by the SAGCE to be released in the United States.

The Black AIDS Institute, (BAI) The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF) and U.S. Friends of Phelophepa Train have been selected to benefit from the campaign, which has been launched to celebrate the legacy of one of the most influential icons in the world, to promote awareness and as an implement to combat the stigma of HIV/AIDS.

The three organizations will join The Nelson Mandela Foundation and the Nobel Institute to receive a percentage from the sales of the limited edition of the limited edition Nelson Mandela Red Ribbon Twin Sets, which consist of a half ounce gold and one ounce silver and depict Nobel Peace Prize recipient and former South African President Nelson Mandela’s image on the obverse and the HIV/AIDs ribbon on the reverse, together with his renowned quote: “AIDS is no longer a disease, it’s a human rights issue.”

mandela box setThe medallion, minted by the Mint of Norway, as part of their Nobel Peace Laureate Program, was released this year to coincide with the International AIDS Conference 2012 held in Washington D.C.  The set has an extremely low mintage of only 2,500 and the silver medallion’s ribbon is in red, making it a unique and prized collectible.

Alan Demby, Chairman of The South African Gold Coin Exchange, who as a guest at the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony met and later shared the dance floor with President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, notes: “We are proud to announce the beneficiaries for the United States. These powerful organizations perform critical functions and deserve to be associated with this important campaign. This is a crucial time where there is a global commitment to change the course of the HIV/AIDS epidemic as well as to eradicate the stigma of the virus. In the words of the IAC 2012 theme, we are all hoping that with support we can “Turn the Tide Together.”   certification mandela red ribbon box set

Philip O’Brien, Executive Vice President of Communications, Advocacy and Development at the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, adds “We are honored to be a charity of choice for the South African Gold Coin Exchange, and we thank them for their generous support. This type of support will help us eliminate mother to child transmission of HIV and ensure we see a day when every HIV positive woman has the knowledge, access to the care and treatment services needed to give birth to a HIV negative baby.  Today, millions of families around the world urgently require our attention and you can help us give them a fighting chance. Our progress is highlighted on”

American Friends of the Phelophepa Train (AFPT) works collaboratively with global partners to bring physical, emotional and social healing to South Africans in remote rural areas.  Through it’s ongoing operation, the two Phelophepa Trains of Hope have reached over 7 million people, delivering primary health care and education, eye-care, dental, psychological, health, and education clinics to the underprivileged population.

Founded in May of 1999, the Black AIDS Institute’s mission is to stop the AIDS pandemic in Black communities by engaging and mobilizing Black institutions and individuals in efforts to confront HIV. The Institute interprets public and private sector HIV policies, conducts trainings, offers technical assistance, disseminates information and provides advocacy mobilization.mandela coins fb shot

This medallion has been launched especially for the U.S. market. Melanie Nathan, Marketing Director for the SAGCE’s in the U.S.A. notes that “to date 70,000 medallions from other commemorative coins have been sold by the SAGCE, in South Africa and the United Kingdom, and several million dollars have already been given to organizations from the royalties.  We hope that the U.S. public will embrace the Mandela Red Ribbon Twin Set campaign and support these important organizations.”

The South African Gold Coin Exchange, the largest distributor of gold, bullion and collectable coins in South Africa, is a renowned and trusted name in international gold and bullion buying. It is, has been a household name among collectable coin enthusiasts and numismatists worldwide since 1972, with The Scoin Shop, its retail division, consisting of 35 stores in South Africa and the UK. It is the only retail chain of coin stores in the world. 

Purchases can be made at  and information can be obtained from   MORE Information /

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