Is Facebook Going to BAN Uganda because of AHB

I have not independently verified this source.

By Melanie Nathan, Dec 04, 2012,  10:21 AM

Screen Shot 2012-12-04 at 10.19.25 AMWill Mark Zuckerberg may deliver the ultimate blow.  This could be  a move even more powerful than cutting AID by major Government.  Zuckerberg could well hold the ultimate key of isolation.  While Gay Ugandan activists will lose a treasured method of communication, this could spel the biggest threat facing Ugandans yet. We all know how the Ugandans love Facebook.  But is it true? If anyone knows please advise. In the meantime here is the report.  Furthering the fight against the anti-Homosexuality or Kill the Gays Bill –

A ccording to a report by Jeff Omondi.   Facebook HQ might soon reach a decision to scrap Uganda off its list of countries following the country’s stance on homosexuals. Most recently, Uganda has had an anti-gay Bill tabled on the floor of its Parliament and if passed it would see homosexuals face harsh penalties.

Well, it seems the US is not taking this lightly and as such gay rights activists in USA have pleaded with Mark Zuckerberg to make sure Uganda conforms to the set patterns of Facebook as an upholder of human rights. To the activists, Uganda has violated many Facebook clauses and needs to be banned for some time. Apparently, Zuckerberg has said that Facebook will be releasing an official statement soon as far as Uganda is concerned.

Facebook has also outlined a method it will use if it is to go ahead with banning all Ugandans. This means whatever account was opened up from Uganda won’t be accessible to its users. The other method will be the use of MAC addresses to make it impossible for computing devices with Ugandan MAC addresses to access the official Facebook site.

If the move to ban Uganda is implemented, many corporates that seek to build their brands on the social site will experience a major setback.

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4 Comments on “Is Facebook Going to BAN Uganda because of AHB”

  1. segen December 16, 2012 at 2:02 PM #

    I saw this on facebook and thought i should copy it here……. my sentiments exactly: In fact i officially dare Zuckerburg of Facebook,… no I am begging him to shut down Facebook in Uganda as he or his advisers are asking him to as a move against the nation’s stand against homosexuality. PLEASE SHUT DOWN. Facebookers in Africa please help me to make this voice very loud indeed…. because that is how we shall give room to the likes of Abdu Ssekalala of Uganda as it were and a few hundred thousand other Africans of any age from 9years and above who have not had the opportunity…. He will be doing us a large favor and in this season of Jubilee, AFRICA IS RISING. I shall be the first subscriber to an African facebook or whatever they would call it…. jicho pevu. ha ha ha… Just DARE to shut down Uganda… you are shutting down Africa. You will be surprised at how we close ranks like family in this part of the world… do you wonder why Bashir is not in ICC? or Mugabe is not ostracized? We close rank around family and do our own discplining behind closed doors… you small boy cannot talk to us like that. who born you? Even if you were right…. you are a child you know nothing of what Africa has been through and you cannot tell us how we should treat our people because there is a lot of history to some of these declarations. You and all sympathizers please go get your history from source (not CNN or BBC or internet but in Uganda, those who are alive today and were affected by people dying of AIDS when UG had highest prevalence levels) then come back and repeat that foolish, and very childish statement of manipulation. When you talk stigma… who took care of the sick sick gay people who were dying in Uganda of this strange disease in their thousands? It was mothers, grandmothers who did not seek to understand the disease or its risks but just tried their best to keep the sick alive and treat a disease they could never understand. They cleaned open sores with bare hands and salt water… they did not turn away as grown men vomited in their bare hands because there were no buckets for such in the villages. Many died from these secondary infections. Come and learn the history of the fate of the Uganda martrys who were burned at the stake… young men who would have had hope because they would not turn around and become gay… … please go and do your homework together with your sympathizers before you talk about punishing Uganda. I could put down an entire book on the issues around the edict by Uganda as a nation……
    Africa is who is holding you and other big IT, mobile technology etc in your cushy lifestyle…. don’t try to manipulate our nations because Facebook is not a necessity of life … its a luxury we can very easily do without… we still have our running messengers, we still can use talking drums, smoke signals to communicate….. post offices functioning and the new jubilee stamps are actually very pretty…. should put them to good use….. Your continued offer for us to have facebook available in this part of the world is actually holding us back…. we need something to motivate us to rise up and do what is our redemptive destiny – technology and innovative leadership. We have been held back far too long. Read the following and Zuckerburg EAT YOUR HEART OUT. You have been replicated many times over and not at MIT but in Makerere, in our humble little Computer colleges and IT institutes and even in homes and schools where IT geniuses are popping up every day but have no place to truly express themselves. they need something like -no-facebook to make them produce what they have had for a while now…. It is time for Africa to shine…..again

    • Melanie Nathan December 16, 2012 at 7:18 PM #

      I think the original report of Zuckerberg shutting it down in Uganda was a hoax, I dont believe it….

  2. NES January 10, 2013 at 1:35 AM #

    Lately I Have Come Under Attack From The GAY Community Asking Me Why I SHOULD Be Concerned And Bother About What Two People Do Behind Closed Doors… Below Are My Answers

    Unlike Pastor Dr. Martin Ssempa Who Knows The In Depth And Scientific Explanations To This,Let Me Keep It Simple Using Primary 3 Education In Science And SST


    One Of The Characteristics Of Living Things Is That They Reproduce Not Recruit. Due To The Fact That Same Sex Intercourse Does Not Lead To Reproduction,Faggots Recruit From Society Which Means Tomorrow It Will Be My Son/Daughter,Brother/Sister etc That Will Fall Victim. It Concerns Me


    The First Man And Woman That Existed In Buganda Gave Birth To An Entire Generation Of The Baganda And This Was KINTU(Male) And Nambi(Female) Not Kintu(male) And Ntambi(male) Dont Get It Twisted. I Am A Nsamba By Name,Ngabi By Clan,Muganda By Tribe And Ugandan By Nationality


    God Created ADAM(male) AND EVE(female) Not ADAM(male) AND STEVE(male)


    • Melanie Nathan January 11, 2013 at 12:00 PM #

      Your ignorance as to science abounds! But hey I moderated your comment and gave you a voice. You are horribly misinformed and Ssempa is not someone who you should tout with pride. he is a convicted liar felon. His word is anything but scientific. Many people around the world do not believe that the Bible is the word of G-d. But you do and thats okay. Just do not impose your beliefs on society. In any event just look at what colonialism brought to Uganda. it stripped you of your Africaness and now you hide behind it and claim Africa in its name. The Bible teaching came long after your tribes had already deeply embedded but unspoken aspects of homosexuality, which you fail to mention. AND what about evolution. Oh and Master of science Ssempa and you : Are you saying that Australopithecus did not exist?

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