Kill the Gays Bahati implicated in possible murder of fellow MP

By Melanie Nathan, December 22, 2012. [email protected]

Screen Shot 2012-12-22 at 10.35.26 AM Screen Shot 2012-12-22 at 10.37.37 AMThose of us who have kept a keen eye on Ugandan member of parliament David Bahati since 2009 when he first introduced the infamous Anti-Homosexuality Bill, otherwise known as the “Kill the Gays Bill” all believe that the man, David Bahati is quite capable of murder or that he may well be adept and capable of conspiring to commit murder.  All specualtion of course.  However and after all he did author a bill that is designed to kill gays. What would the difference be between state sanctioned murder and any other?

News of the death a week ago of outspoken Butaleja Woman MP, Cerinah Nebanda, came as a great shock to Uganda and the world.

“A few Members of Parliament have died in the past but none of them captured the country’s imagination the way this young, bubbly and courageous MP has. That can be explained by the fact that not only was she very young, aged just 24, her death was almost sudden as she was not known to be sick.,” notes ALL AFRICA.     “More so, as one of the so-called NRM “rebel MPs”, she was a very active, vocal and critical legislator, which made her stand out. “

Now according to Ugandan press, almost a week after Cerinah Nebanda’s death, David Bahati  finds himself a person of interest in the death of the young MP.

According to ALL AFRICA:  Until now, Bahati was known and has struggled to keep attention on his anti-gay draft legislation that has caused an uproar in the international community. But on Wednesday, Nebanda’s family fingered Bahati as the link between Cerinah and her alleged boyfriend Adam Kalungi, who is a key suspect and still on the run. Bahati, in a statement issued yesterday, roundly denied that claim. And according to Here is how Bahati’s name came to the fore:

Shortly after last Sunday’s church service at the Mukasa home, President Museveni rang Nebanda’s mother. He informed her that he would be visiting the family in Kitubulu, Entebbe to pay his respects to the deceased. The family called a three-hour meeting that finally agreed to Museveni’s visit. But, according to the family, something unique happened during the presidential visit.

Jovia Kyalisiima Nebanda, the 18-year-old sister to the former MP, mustered some courage and walked to where Museveni was seated. Her mission was clear. Kyalisiima Nebanda later told The Observer: “I asked him why everyone is saying that your government killed my sister?”

In reply, according to Kyalisiima, Museveni said: “It is not true; they are trying to spoil the name of government.”

Museveni later spoke to the mourners, comforted the bereaved family and left. But, Cerinah’s mother had noticed something unbelievable in her daughter, who rarely had the courage to talk at home. She couldn’t fathom where she got the zeal to confront the President without her permission.

“Where did she get the courage? What did she tell the President? Maybe she knows what killed Nebanda!”

After reading more on the report it boils down to Bahati being connected to the boyfriend (who he vehemently denies knowing)  and who is now on the run, as well as perhaps having himself had specific opportunities for a liaison with the deceased. What made this whole mystery so strange is that apparently Bahati himself showed up at the post mortem for Nebanda.  A strange move for someone purporting to be only connected as fellow parliamentarians.   Read the whole report here.

When I personally interviewed David Bahti , which I have done several times, about the Kill the Gays Bill, I asked him what he would do if one of his own children were gay and subject to ‘his’ death penalty.  Bahati answered that he would turn his own child in to suffer the consequences.  Bahati is willing to condone and even order death for those who do not conform to his view of life and love.

Bahati is a charming man and I have received an unsubstantiated whisper that he enjoys the company of women outside of his marriage. Would anyone be willing to come froward?

At this point as more is uncovered, I am sure we will find that the man who is notoriously associated for his extreme religious right wing views and in personal friendship with Scott Lively, Jack Klenk and other U.S.A. Evangelical “holier than thou’s,” may just find that his C Street and The Family USA  ‘extreme-friends-in-Christ’ connections will not be there to prop him up through this new adventure.

A MUST WATCH REPORT TO SEE HOW  Bahati and friend hid out in parliament for fear of arrest and refused an order to be questioned by Police and Meet with President Museveni

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