Princes William and Harry remind us of HIV/AIDS stigma

Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 5.44.30 PM“Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, and Prince Harry have kindly written to us to celebrate 30 years of our fight against HIV,” notes the Terrence Higgins Trust, beside a heartwarming picture on the charity’s website, reminding of their mother, Princess Diana and how she broke barriers by embracing people with HIV and AIDS around the world.

Their letter was sent to the charity in celebration of its 30th year anniversary:

“Our generation has never known a world without HIV. We have grown up knowing of the devastating impact this virus has on lives, on families, on communities. We know, too, that HIV can be treated and the lives of sufferers extended by many years. However, there is still a stigma which blights sufferers of the disease, even today.

Terrence Higgins Trust, founded thirty years ago by friends of Terrence Higgins, one of the first people in the United Kingdom to die of AIDS, has been the other constant in this story of our generation. EverScreen Shot 2013-02-12 at 5.32.45 PMy day, its inspirational staff and volunteers work ceaselessly to turn the lives of HIV sufferers around. They have prevented countless new infections, supported thousands of people to live healthy lives with HIV, and campaigned tirelessly to gain a greater public understanding of the personal, social and media impact of HIV.

Terrence Higgins Trust is a fantastic source of advice and support on HIV related matters, always making sure those it cares for are treated with kindness and understanding. Terry Higgins has done so much to help so many people. The wonderful legacy he inspired lives on today in his Trust.

The fight against HIV started 30 years ago. Our generation must pick up the sword and continue the fight. There is still no cure or vaccine. However, we know it is possible to prevent HIV from spreading further in the future. Terrence Higgins Trust will be to the fore in this, and for that reason, and because our mother believed so passionately in the work of the Trust, we wholeheartedly congratulate you on thirty years of selfless service to others.

William                        Harry

Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 5.25.44 PM

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