Is Belarus following Russia’s footsteps to ban ‘gay propaganda’?

‘Protecting children from the “advancement and promotion of homosexuality, especially among minors.”‘

By Cathy Kristofferson, July 09, 2013

A few weeks ago rumor had it that Belarus was looking to be the first country in Europe to re-criminalize homosexuality by amending its Criminal Code, to punish gays with up to 10 years imprisonment and confiscation of their property. The government strongly denied that plans were in fact underway to do that.  At the time the denials seemed over reactive, shall we say, “thou doth protest too much”.

belarusliberaldemocratsToday, GAYBY.NET is reporting that the Belarus Liberal Democrat Party (LDP) has now proposed banning ‘gay propaganda’ to “protect children from information threatening the health of children“.

Russia has already passed their anti-gay propaganda bill which Vladimir Putin signed into law almost immediately.  And the issue is now up for debate in the Ukraine as well.

Liberal_Democratic_Party_(Belarus)_logo In their statement released today in Belarus, the LDP say family values are at risk with the “uncoupling of generations and the declining influence of parents on their children, as well as the spread of social evils.”

Further:  “under the guise of protecting the rights of sexual minorities is the promotion and advocacy of homosexuality, especially among minors, thus destroying the family and public morality.”

under the guise of fighting for gender equality to replace the family policy on gender, with the help of which the public and especially the younger generation impose feminist and hedonistic, and often looks unnatural, contrary to the worldview of the Belarusian society.

The LDP is also proposing that the state alone should create conditions for the promotion and development of the family and family values, and they want to toughen the penalties for any sexual acts against minors, including the promotion of homosexuality among them.

lukashenkoAlexander Lukashenko, in power in of Belarus since 1994, is of the same mold as Russian President Vladimir Putin. During his re-election campaign, Lukashenko said of opposition protests: “They’ve started reproaching me for condemning gays. Well, I don’t like gays and I have said I don’t like gays.” Last year Mr. Lukashenko told the UK Independent he believes the only acceptable sexual relationship is between a man and a woman pursuing only one goal – to create a family and having children.

Should any of the attempted anti-gay bills make it through to Lukashenko he will likely be as quick to the pen as Putin.

(All translations via Google)

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7 Comments on “Is Belarus following Russia’s footsteps to ban ‘gay propaganda’?”

  1. jerbearinsantafe July 10, 2013 at 11:59 PM #

    Reblogged this on JerBear's Queer News, Views & Memories and commented:
    This country’s leader is a bit of a despot so this is not that big of a surprise. There is a values gap seems to be widening between Western and Eastern Europe. How the party has the gall to call themselves”Liberal Democratic” boggles the mind.

  2. Tracy July 11, 2013 at 4:09 AM #

    Here’s what I think promotes these “pillars of the communities”- they are questioning themselves, and are frightened, and so want to direct anyone else to their directives- even though they themselves are less than convinced.

    Being same-sex attracted is normal, but not the majority- just as left-handedness is not.


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