Baltic Pride 2013 advertising ranked detrimental as alcohol and tobacco

By Cathy Kristofferson, July 13, 2013


Photo courtesy Mato Dauginio

Baltic Pride 2013, while still battling Lithuanian authorities to hold the July 27th Parade in the capital Vilnius’ main avenue, has their advertising ‘deemed detrimental to minors’ in the same way as advertising alcohol or tobacco.

Lithuania’s national broadcaster, The Lithuanian National Radio and Televison (LRT), has decided that the PSAs can only be run during the late evening, after 11pm, to avoid ‘promotion’ to minors because they believe it will be ‘as damaging as alcohol and tobacco.’

The Lithuanian Gay League (LGL) Friday asked the Inspector of Journalist Ethics to examine the LRT’s  labeling as detrimental and their actions limiting broadcasting times, as they find the restrictions unreasonable.

The LGL has been trying, since early May, to broadcast the Baltic Pride 2013 advertisement.

This PSA, for example, has been  given a social advertising “S” rating shown in the top corner when broadcast. And to date has only run after 11pm:

We reported on Baltic Pride 2013’s ongoing legal battle with Vilnius municipal authorities here on OBLOGDEE.  The latest action taken by the city authorities was to again appeal the decision made by a Lithuanian court.  The Vilnius Regional Administrative court has just ruled that the Parade must be allowed on the main avenue, however it seems the municipal authorities will not accept the ruling.  Multiple entities have called on the Lithuanian government to step in and overrule the Vilnius municipal authorities.

The first event of Baltic Pride 2013 – a photo exhibit – opens in Vilnius today.

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3 Comments on “Baltic Pride 2013 advertising ranked detrimental as alcohol and tobacco”

  1. paulakey245562841 July 13, 2013 at 2:33 PM #

    If the authorities are indicating that being gay should not be noticeable to children, then I protest. If it is against indecency, they have have a point.

    I’m a Canadian lesbian and in Toronto we have one of North America’s largest gay prides. I am embarrassed by reasonable comments as to the nakedness in the parade. Parades are public are nakedness is a form of indecency. Many people in Toronto have pulled their children because of this indecency….standing on a float and pretending to Fxxx your partner in the ass is not accceptable, not even to me a lesbian. Just my opinion.

    • Cathy Kristofferson July 13, 2013 at 3:10 PM #

      Oh, I agree on the lack of decorum at North American pride parades. In this case, Baltic Pride 2013 is trying to advertise their week long celebration of events such as the ‘From Dusk till Dawn – 20 Years of LGBT Freedom in Lithuania’ exhibit and the international human rights conference ‘Towards a European Roadmap for LGBT Equality’. And they don’t have a parade as we (cringe and) think of them, it is a ‘March for Equality’, literally a march. No floats. Amnesty Int’l said last year in Latvia “between 300 and 400 people marched through the cobblestone paved streets of the Latvian capital carrying flags, banners, singing and playing music”.

  2. paulakey245562841 July 13, 2013 at 3:28 PM #

    Thanks for the clarification, Cathy. May I also add how much I enjoy your blogs.
    Best wishes to every Pride celebration.

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