Gunmen Attack Russian Gay Club

By Melanie Nathan, Nov 16, 2013.
Screen Shot 2013-11-16 at 4.11.13 PMTwo men attacked a well-known Moscow gay club “Central Station” tonight. Intruders at first threatened the club visitors, and when the guards refused to let them into the club, shots were fired.

The attack on the club occurred at about 5:00 am. According to the club management, the men came to the “Central station” with a motive to shoot the club patrons.

Fortunately, nobody among guests and staff was injured by the gun fire, although  bullets damaged the front door, according to Central Station staff speaking to LifeNews.

Described as “Bullies”, they men were  were tracked on surveillance cameras now in possession of LifeNews, and apparently working to help police apprehend the shooters.

The attack on the popular gay club  is not the first one. The club’s management has repeatedly appealed to the police, district council and the prefecture of the Central Administrative District requesting to stop provocations.

Management at the club believes that the attacks were at a result of “extremist acts of hate or hostility towards persons belonging to a particular social group.”

According to Spectrum Human Rights:

“Unprovoked anti-gay attacks became a norm in Putin’s Russia where state-run media is spearheading state-sponsored campaign of homophobia. Recently adopted anti-LGBT laws and open calls for violence against gay people issued via twitter and other media channels by Russian leaders of the Parliament (and local lawmakers, such as Vitaly Milonov) help to fuel Neo Nazi groups such as infamous “Occupy Pedofilyaj” and many others.

Homophobia is policy in Putin’s Russia!”

5 thoughts on “Gunmen Attack Russian Gay Club

  1. Speechless!! SMH … are we going backwards in time? Frontward and ahead, albeit slowly, in the West. And backwards in the East??? Geez ….

  2. As has been established time and time again, Russian law protects only heterosexuals.If the police even bother to look for the assailants, it will only be to be witnesses against the homosexual victims, whom they will they will charge with “homosexual propaganda” and “extremisms”.

  3. What I see is the same old thing- repressed & frightened-of-their-own-sexual-attraction people (Putin, et al) “dealing” with their fear in a bullying manner…Surely, there must be a psychiatric way to describe this tired & dangerous phenomenon? Find a way to get them the help THEY need?

  4. I am an International Gay Published Singer/Songwriter + I write music to Inspire and Promote Global Love & Kindness. I wrote this song called IT’S ONLY LOVE making waves of love around the World. This song needs to be played before the Olympic Committee and they need to speak up and put their foot down and say enough and perhaps a relocation is the best course of action until Universal Peace is restored for all. LINK TO IT’S ONLY LOVE AND PLEASE SHARE WITH YOUR CONTACTS!
    This song was written to bring awareness to LGBT hate crimes. Enough is Enough.

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