Video Showdown as Lawmakers in Uganda Accuse Journalists of Unprofessional Conduct

Anti-Gay Law: Lawmakers, journalists in fiery exchange

By Melanie Nathan, December 24, 2013.

Screen Shot 2013-12-24 at 12.31.01 PMAfter passage in the Ugandan Parliament of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill last week, two Ugandan lawmakers, highly critical of the bill, engaged in a fiery exchange with journalists at Parliament who turned up to cover a news conference. Two MPs, Hon. Sam Otada Amooti of Kibanda and Hon. Fox Odoi of West Budama North refused to take questions from journalists saying the conduct of the journalists was unprofessional.

The Uganda gay community is also appealing to the International Criminal Court to challenge what they say is a radical piece of legislation.

The Ugandan LGBT community held its own Press Conference which we reported here at:

1. Courageous-ugandan-lgbt-community-holds-first-press-conference-since-the-passing-of-the-anti-homosexuality-bill/


2. Defiant-ugandan-lgbti-community-vows-to-fight-the-anti-gay-laws/

Further to the role of Ugandan Media, some did not shy away from social media:

An impartial Ugandan parliamentary journalist asked this question on Facebook. Please note that most Ugandan Political correspondents and journalists do not use words we in the West consider politically correct to describe gays. Here was the post:

“Hon. Fox Odoi and Hon. Sam Otada have asked president M7 not to sign the Anti Homosexuality bill. They say Homos and Lesbians should be allowed to practice the acts. wats your say about the recently passed Anti Homosexuality bill now an act of parliament.”

And below are the responses, including some not so partial journalists – even one stating that he could not bring himself to write about the issue because of his prejudice against gays.

To be quite honest I am usually much more polite than I was able to be here. I tried but my buttons may have been overly pushed.  Sometimes fighting fire with fire works. However in my many years of tackling the opposition on this issue, including the ultimate haters David Bahati and Scott Lively, I have come to realize that entrenched lies embedded in the hearts through hate, have created so much fear, changing these hearts are as impossible as  (to borrow the sordid phrase) ” F’ing for virginity.”

  • Ivanwills Kluivert those guyz are stupid
    Yesterday at 12:49am · Like
  • Bancen Richie Bash No bt why shud they be allowed to do such acts of wat important role and value do they add on the uganda’s economy?
    Yesterday at 12:51am · Like · 1
  • Kenneth Bazanye-kigonya let them pray none of their kids gets invovled, then they wont feel the pain
    Yesterday at 12:54am · Like
  • Isaac Midas Imaka I will lead a Pussy riot against them
    Yesterday at 12:56am · Like · 2
  • Steve A. Ford Firstly, Fox and Otada shd be in an ambulance to Butabika. They r proving too smart yet they knw that truth. Or r they practitioners themselves so they dear prosecution? They shd be investigated in that regard as well
    Yesterday at 12:57am · Like
    Yesterday at 1:00am · Like
  • Bast Biver Barotteli Bosa Hehe….you know sometimes people can say things before or without looking into the future. Am very sure those two Creatures have got families ie Daughters&Sons. So according to them, the request from President M7 not to sign, is it coz their Children are not among the Victims….,or they don’t mind even Wen their children engage in de act??? The truth is…”A fool is a fool, whether he went to school or not.
    Yesterday at 1:01am · Like · 1
  • Rwamuhumbu Amooti Davis but u see guys whenever they cook food there is always a menu so let thse guys also have a right of there choice ,they either pass behind or in front its their right
    Yesterday at 1:04am · Like · 1
  • Kiyingi Lwanga asatagha fulahi,swehitan
    Yesterday at 1:05am · Like
  • Bancen Richie Bash those guyz balowoza they wil be paid oba?
    Yesterday at 1:05am · Like · 1
  • Melanie Nathan Good for them and smart. They know you have all been used for fools. Lies about homosexuality as a tool to blind you and distract you from Ugandas real problems. No one cared about gays until the colonialists imported their christian hate to uganda.
    Yesterday at 1:08am via mobile · Like · 1
  • Melanie Nathan Take care if your women who straight men rape every day. Take carevof the women forced inyo prostitution to feed your ugandan children. Thats your truth… not a handful of gays who want to love in peace and private. They are notvthe ones causing the real pakn in uganda. Wake up to reality and the truth
    Yesterday at 1:11am via mobile · Like
  • Oder David i just wish their sons and daghters are sodomised then they will know bogus mps just
    Yesterday at 1:14am · Like · 1
  • Arnold Sui Generis Ndagijimana Wat are those guys still doing in Parliament?
    Yesterday at 1:15am · Like
  • Bancen Richie Bash but i think stigmatization iz aproblem to those guyz who practise those stupid tingz coz world wide men & women are mob am i wrong guyz wh do u think?
    Yesterday at 1:16am · Like
  • Melanie Nathan More straight women are raped and sodomized by straight men than gays…. so face the truth and stop pretending and blaming gays for your problems
    Yesterday at 1:17am via mobile · Like · 1
  • Bancen Richie Bash so u want to tel mi that is it the reason as to why women practice lesbianism?
    Yesterday at 1:20am · Like · 1
  • Hadijah Mwanje i dont want to believe that Otada is for homosexuals
    Yesterday at 1:32am · Like · 1
  • Mutale Josh Hadijah Mwanje no dout if u say so., hahaaaaaaaaaa
    Yesterday at 1:39am · Like
  • Mubangizi Jordan be careful guys when you are naming your kids…you call your child a fox…the boy is simply a little fox trying to get attention from the homosexuals. anhy way it is a fact that foxes feed on the dead (caucus for that matter). it is ok Mr…you do not have to alert the world that you want to eat your caucus mr.Fox, after all, foxes are known to hunt alone so i even pitty OTADA of all people. if you think am lying these are facts about foxes – Foxes live 2 to 3 years, and up to 10 years or even longer in captivity.- Like cats, foxes often play with their catch before they kill it.( so Otada and these gays should watch out)

    – Foxes have abundant ectoparasites (mites, fleas, ticks and lice). no doubt…..Bahati you need to confirm if this fox has this one as well

    – Foxes can hold up to one kilogram of flesh in their stomachs. ( bahati, i know you believe me now)

    – Foxes can hear a watch ticking 40 yards away.

    Fox Facts, Interesting Facts About Foxes

    Your online resource for foxes. Find interesting things about these beautiful creatures.
    Yesterday at 1:46am · Edited · Like · 2
  • Lubulwa Henry Imperialistic madness
    Yesterday at 1:53am · Like · 1
  • Charles Muzawula What more is there to ask, look at the way Otada is admiring Fox
    Yesterday at 1:57am via mobile · Like · 1
  • Charles Muzawula So suggestive that after this presss briefing we …
    Yesterday at 1:59am via mobile · Like · 1
  • Gatrude Mukasa Thx for this debate Kenny. Those MPs are ain’t fools but think otherwise. Imagine if your child was one of them, would you disown them because they r gay??? I don’t support gaysim but neither do I support them being punished. They would rather restrict them from exposing themselves in public places. This can happen in any family to any ones child. We just have to pray it does not happen to any ones family.
    Yesterday at 2:10am · Like
  • Erone Julia Those guys are simply stupid!!!!
    Yesterday at 2:14am · Like · 1
  • Mutyaba Eclipse Hussein The act must be signed into law. If they(gays) want heaven, we can export all of them to Europe!
    Yesterday at 2:22am · Like · 1
  • Wapakhabulo Wonyanyanbulo These bastards should not be voted back to parliament. Are they hommos?
    Yesterday at 3:05am · Like
  • Kareiga Robert Kamanda @Getrude are you saying we should let our children do whatever they want simply because that’s how they feel. If it’s wrong it’s wrong no matter how they feel. Can you imagine your son bringing a man as his wife or husband. Imagine your son wearing diapers because he can’t hold poo any more naturally. The act is evil, because it’s only done to fulfill an evil desire for fucking a mans anus. The reason we straight people fuck is for enjoying Gods creation and co creating. Fucking a fellow mans anus that passes out dung is not only Gross but pathetic and an abomination. We shall not allow it in our society no matter what. And if the government doesn’t control it, we ( public) shall work on them. We shall not let them corrupt our children. We shall fight. I can’t even imagine fucking an anus of a fellow man!
    Yesterday at 3:22am via mobile · Like
  • Kareiga Robert Kamanda See how Otada is admiring the Fox!!!
    Yesterday at 3:27am via mobile · Like · 1
  • Zwischenscheiben Normans I think these two people are themselves homosexuals. TTTTTTTtTheyTsssssshould be investigated and
    Yesterday at 3:39am · Like
  • Zwischenscheiben Normans They should be investigated and used as first calprits. They are likely to be mad. They do not fit to be member of parliament. Instead homosexual malayas.
    TTTTtTheyTsssssshould be investigated and
    Yesterday at 3:41am · Like · 1
  • Tom Malaba I thought those two come from cattle keeping communities, when have they ever found one bull mounting another bull iin their kraals?
    Yesterday at 4:40am · Like
  • Ahmed Musaazi Those MPs are after money from homosexuals!
    Yesterday at 4:41am · Like · 1
  • Jjingo Francis i really engage into public debates on Facebook but today was my worst day. i was sent to cover a press conference claimed to civil society on anti homo bill at hotel Grand Global kikoni on sir Appolo Kagwa road only to find homes. But my conscience tells me am not employed by NTV to promote interest of Homosexuals and i have refused to do the story. I dont support them and giving them space using my dear voice will be promotion. I ve made clear before by supervisors that it against what i believe in.
    Yesterday at 5:09am · Like · 4
  • Kareiga Robert Kamanda Jingo what you did is a clear conviction by the most high God. The creator who created us for a purpose in life. We his children cannot put his creation to shame and waste.! This is the way to go and we shall succeed against the powers of evil.
    Yesterday at 5:16am via mobile · Like · 1
  • Rensan Wilson OTADA is FOX ODOI’s seeing mob justice coming soon in uganda against da homos
    Yesterday at 5:16am · Like · 1
  • David Bahati Dear God Save our Country.
    Yesterday at 5:32am · Like · 2
  • Livingstone Mugerwa Mbu Jjingo Francis is also a pro journo he claims 2 b. Jjingo Francis, do u think wat u have done is professional. U r just seeking cheap popularity among those many ignorant folks.
    Yesterday at 6:23am · Like · 1
  • Jjingo Francis am sorry u cant change my opinion just like i cant change u. whether u think am an professional to the eyes of many Ugandans they know am right and i dont care what ever some u gays say. u can go and hang
    Yesterday at 7:07am · Like · 2
  • Nsubuga Jumaah Hon Bahati please help these MPs.I also beg madam Kadaga to send Fox and Otada in Rules committee of parliament.
    Yesterday at 7:25am · Like
  • Kenneth Lukwago Anderson Livingstone Mugerwa, I was also there…I support the views of Jjingo Francis…Those guys are fools.
    Yesterday at 7:28am · Like · 2
  • Melanie Nathan The anti gay bill breaches 3 things. 1. THE UGANDAN CONSTITUTION and when it is proved in the courts DAVID BAHATI and Speaker Kadaga will look like fools and these Hon. MPs will be right. 2. It breaches The International Decl of Human Rights. And 3. Its very premise rests on unfounded myth and lies ..unproven.. about gay people who colonialists have deamonized. So in fact when the Colonialists introduced penal codes Africa took on the white man issue where before no one noticed or cared. Hurting kids by gays is trumped up bullshit. AND it breaches Kadaga’s own Human Rights checklist issued on the Parliamentary site. Sheez!!
    Yesterday at 7:51am via mobile · Like · 3
  • Ceasar Mukasa We actually need to check Otada and Fox’s bank accounts.They must have bagged some dimes from these Homos.
    Yesterday at 7:53am · Like
  • Kenneth Lukwago Anderson #Melanie We are Ugandans…..Tupowe mwana.
    Yesterday at 7:54am · Like · 1
  • Jjingo Francis Why should homos think they can persuade Journalist in uganda to advance their cause. They have no space in my docket as long as am still an active journalist. That is the decision i have taken and my bosses know am not a cheap journalist to be used by all those who think they have money.
    Yesterday at 7:54am · Like · 1
  • Melanie Nathan Journalists should be objective. Unless you are you are poorly qualified. Shame on you jingo. Do ur job.
    Yesterday at 7:55am via mobile · Like · 3
  • Jjingo Francis If they are not supporting them how come that Bazungu peaked the mps soon after the press conference at parliament . i have lost respect for Otada
    Yesterday at 7:56am · Like · 1
  • Kenneth Lukwago Anderson #Melanie Not to every shit! How many times as the US gOVERNMENT KILLED INNOCENT PEOPLE IN BOMB RAIDS? Is that allowed under your laws?? We are telling you we do not want that immoral act in our country and you are insisting.
    Yesterday at 7:57am · Like
  • Jjingo Francis Please. that is not objectivity. Let as if i find someone holding a knife about to kill his wife. do i save the woman all i continue shooting until the woman is killed.
    Yesterday at 7:58am · Like · 1
  • Melanie Nathan Yes you are Ugandans and ypu slso live in the same Universe that we all share. Why dont you stop being hypocrits. You all use facebook and google. Both companies have pro gay hiting policies. The male cofounder of facebook a billionaire is married to a man… ypu should all give up facebook and stop participating in the WORLD and GLOBE if ypu demonize gays.
    Yesterday at 7:58am via mobile · Like · 1
  • Ceasar Mukasa Jingo,stand by your decision. These pigs should cease to exist. I have not even seen a sheep mounting a goat,much as they belong to the same family……..just idiots
    Yesterday at 7:59am · Like
  • Melanie Nathan Jungo your anslysis of gays as evil bad criminals is mythological and exported hate. So you are failing as a journalist when ur very premise is based on lies
    Yesterday at 8:00am via mobile · Like · 1
  • Jjingo Francis we dont not care we can exist with out Facebook. U fools
    Yesterday at 8:00am · Like
  • Melanie Nathan Sorry pro gay hiring policies
    Yesterday at 8:00am via mobile · Like
  • Melanie Nathan So i am going to leave the conversation. I cannot participate in this degree of hate. That is certainly not what Jesus taught. However i will thank you all because these comments will help me to continue my advocacy to ensure travel bans around the world vs. All of those Ugandans who preach hate. David Bahati and others including many ugandans will soon be banned from international visas. Enjoy your isolation when dictator M7 goes after you or when you manage to accomplish tbe next dada idi amin. Farewell.
    Yesterday at 8:05am via mobile · Like · 1
  • Jjingo Francis please dont threaten us. some us dont care we can stay in our country
    Yesterday at 8:07am · Like
  • Melanie Nathan Yah
    Yesterday at 8:08am via mobile · Like
  • Claudia Uzabumwana Any idea of how many gays work in the pharmaceutical industry and in Hiv research? How many of you in Uganda are HIV positive? How many MPs are HIV positive, voted this law and will still take their drugs. I work in this field and work alongside gay colleagues focussed on making better treatments for all UGANDA INCLUDED. Withoup gay activists organisations in the West in the 90s access to treatment and improvement of treatments would not have happen so quickly. Any drugs anyway because, as Melanie said, equal opportunities law apply and I speak here for UK. I suggest pharma companies publish how many gay people they employ and put a wee sticker on each Ugandan box! And dont start me on Grant funders the entire chain of International Development relies on. Even without aid cut this law will impact Uganda ECONOMICALY.
    Yesterday at 10:42am · Edited · Unlike · 2
  • Rensan Wilson gwe nathan u r a fool,sorry 4 yo arrogancy & u beta find r place in europe very soon
    Yesterday at 8:35am · Like · 1
  • Melanie Nathan If you call standing up for basic human rights arrogant I stand with great pride Thank You
    Yesterday at 8:35am · Like
  • Kenneth Lukwago Anderson I hear Human Rights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God gave us these rights and he created Us Man and Woman and he told us to be togther…He did not do it the other way.
    Yesterday at 8:41am · Edited · Like
  • Claudia Uzabumwana M7 won’t sign. He already had a problem to come to an address at LSE in November the poor soul. The Congolese activist wanted to throw stones at him and the Ugandan opponants had also a nasty plan. Lol. The size of the stones is less of a problem than the size of the women in such demo. Then the police realised the gay pride would also be there and when the conference is rescheduled next year the mini skirts will come in suspenders!;)
    Yesterday at 8:46am · Unlike · 1
  • Taata Warren Simon Oh…God,thank you for the gift of life,now i know who the real guyz are!!
    Yesterday at 9:43am · Like
  • Melanie Nathan The Bible and GOD was also  the reason and justification they used in the USA for slavery and apartheid in South Africa. They said the BIBLE demanded slavery and segregation. You are a bunch of hypcrits if you believe the same of gays. With selective thinking process. LOL you are so stupid. you have been used and manipulated by Western colonialist Evangelicals all your lives and you still fall for it. And your politicians tap into it and participate to derogate from their corruption. How much do you think Scott Lively the American who came to uganda to promote KILL THE GAYS paid to David Bahati? Also David Bahati wa himself an orphan and it was the gays who took care of him and helped him survive. Then he got paid off by the American haters, Engle and Lively and you all fell for it… Take a look at the lawsuit in America right now against Scott Lively.
    Yesterday at 9:48am · Like · 1
  • Bashaasha Ainebyoona Timothy 2 idiot gayz
    Yesterday at 10:48am · Like
  • Claudia Uzabumwana No need to be gay to be against this law! Lots of straights in the West will wake up after xmas on ground of human rights. You are just buying more time with the festive season. It is sometimes interesting to be a straight woman to understand more about the origin of homophobia in some men and how their poor sexual performances directly link to their repressed fantasms. An homophobic man as a date is a waste of time. As for the women, I can only assume that they are supporting such husbands as again if they had a good sexual life they would save the energy, wasted in that rage for their orgasms. Damn SEX IS SOMETHING PRIVATE. Do I ask you if your wife put her finger in your a…? Why do you care so much about what gay people do in their bedroom. I dont! I am straight. It is not my damn business. But Human Rights, Access to HIV treatment for ALL! and international development are. And sexual rights fall in that category.
    21 hours ago · Edited · Like
  • Kalemire Hamza Those two monsters are on the influence of money.
    21 hours ago via mobile · Like
  • Harold Kaija you think getting something to say in parliament and you make headlines is easy? they can be hard now
    21 hours ago · Like
  • Melanie Nathan This Bill is plainly dangerous and will impact ALL Ugandans very negatively, even non-gay Ugandans in untold ways.It is clear that this Bill could cause much hardship, not only for the LGBT community in Uganda, but for all Ugandans….See More

    By Melanie Nathan. December 23, 2013. Amidst years of controversy, the Ugandan Parliament passed the Anti-Homosexuality Bill last week. Today the LGBTI community of Uganda raised its rainbow flag w…
    19 hours ago · Like · 1 · Remove Preview
  • Melanie Nathan…/the-10-worst-lies-spread…/

    by Anti-Gay Evangelical Christians and those falling for their hate, leading to the Anti-Homosexuality Bill and its current passage through the Ugandan Parliament By Melanie Nathan, Dec 23, 2013. T…
    14 hours ago · Like · 3 · Remove Preview
  • Charles Olur investigate these two mps,cld be they are one of them.
    12 hours ago · Like · 1
  • Kizito Robert let fox remain thinking like a fox…….
    11 hours ago · Like · 2
  • Ekakoro Hannington This bill was not well researched on so it needs to be pilled.Hon LOKODO needs to tell ugandans have how many Kirimojongs will be prosecuted walking necked? isnt amin batter than that at list?
    10 hours ago · Unlike · 2
  • Bashaasha Ainebyoona Timothy #Melanie is stupid
    39 minutes ago · Like
  • Melanie Nathan Melanie is smart to realize that business such as Virgin Atlantic and other travel businesses – banks, hotels, airlines, tourism will not beable to function in Uganda with these laws. The law says that if you DO NOT turn in a known gay to police you will get 3 years in prison. Read it..thats what it says… So tell me how are businesses such as Barclays, Hilton Hotels, Airlines which have pro gay hiring practices outlined on their website going to function in Uganda without risking criminal prosecution of their employees? THE LAW IS STUPID- it is not anything that will isolate Uganda except the fact that the law makes it impossible to function for overseas business that support diversity. So my question Mr. Smarty pants is – should Barclays then fire all its gay employees – or do a who is gay hunt before risking prison for their managers? Who is stupid Mr. Smarty Pants? I would say Bahati’s hate is going to bring you all down and that you are all too stupid to read and understand what this law will mean to you? There so few gays…. they are not interested in anything other than living their lives in peace. Leave the alone and urge Parliament to stop the law while there is still time to save your country from isolaiton and embarrassment. The first black USA President – who has an African father says the law is odious. …wake up… or bye bye tourism….…/richard-branson-calls-for…/

    “I would urge other companies worldwide to follow suit.” By Melanie Nathan, Dec …See More
    15 minutes ago · Like · 1 · Remove Preview
  • Melanie Nathan Actually I agree Melanie is stupid for being the only one to waste her time trying to explain to the idiotic haters what this law really means to Uganda. You are all so filled with hate and fear that you cannot see the wood for the leaves. Please read the BILL and see how yu imagine it is going to help you? Weigh up the level of perceived harm done by gays against your hate filled hearts and your misconceptions. This is the now the new African Apartheid State and just because you cannot tolerate a few people whose lives you disagree with. The so called harm done by gays has yet to be proven by anyone to anyone. Even Ssempa and his clan were found guilty and had to serve time and pay fines because they lied about someone being homosexual. Wait until you get blackmailed and you are innocent – and then see if you like this new law. IT HURTS EVERYONE. It was just done to earn David Bahati his political aspirations and to deflect your feeble sheepish minds from corruption and the real ills of the current Ugandan dictatorship.

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