Ugandan Government Investigates Refugee Law Project


Letter to the Media; Re: Incorrect Allegations of RLP Closure by Government

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Re:  Incorrect Allegations of RLP Closure by Government

Greetings from the Refugee Law Project (RLP). We are saddened by a number of reports in the media and social networks to the effect that the Refugee Law Project has been closed down by government. We would like to clarify to the general public and all other stakeholders that we are in operation and all our offices in Kampala, Gulu, Hoima, Mbarara and Kitgum are open and operational. The rumor of RLP closure is untrue.

What is true is that, in a letter dated 14th March 2014,  the Minister of Relief, Disaster Preparedness and Refugees wrote to all Refugee Settlement Commandants and Refugee Desk Officers advising them to suspend the activities of RLP in the settlements pending investigations on allegations that RLP was promoting homosexuality in the settlements.   On 20th May, RLP received another letter from the Permanent Secretary, signed off by the Commissioner for Refugees in the Office Prime Minister, extending the suspension to the Kampala office.

While the RLP refutes the allegations, it respects the due processes. As such, we are engaged in various discussions with the government authorities to resolve the matter and have the suspension lifted. We would also like to inform all stakeholders that the suspension only relates to work involving direct interface with refugees. All the other activities, such as research, capacity building for key stakeholders, community outreaches, legal advocacy as well as actual court representation for our clients, continue.

We would therefore like to allay fears of RLP closure and inform you that we are operational. We would also like to inform you that official communications relating to RLP, on this matter, will come from the office of the Director.

Should you need any further information or have any inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact meemail and . Kindly disregard or verify any information on our status from unauthorized sources.

Best regards

Walter Richard Aliker
Ag. Director


We will keep you posted

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8 thoughts on “Ugandan Government Investigates Refugee Law Project

  1. Reblogged this on JerBear's Queer World News, Views & More From The City Different – Santa Fe, NM and commented:
    Completely undemocratic and discriminatory action…

  3. Yes, and this done on the Feast Day of the Ugandan Martyrs. The Catholic Church must be challenged on this issue. Where does it stand? I wrote to the Bishop’s Conference in Uganda after the dreadful incitement to discrimination and hatred by that Bishop and his Easter Homily. I got a very terse email back, stating that it was a matter for the Diocese concerned. What rubbish! The bishops in Uganda should be hanging their heads in shame!

  4. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    I wonder and wonder and wonder … where is equality, where is this basic human right? Why is it being taken away so blatantly without any resistance? This isn’t right?!!

  5. I personally do not think the information is correct. The Coalition is apparently not closed. Kindly look at the link below for more information.

    1. David you wills ee that my report says I have received conflicting reports. There are different elements to this – “under investigation” “suspended” “certain activities suspended” and so there is some confusion as to who has been impacted and how. According to Ugandan NTV News the Coalition has been suspended. That impacts activities of some. That isnthe best we can say it. The RLP sent out an email to media and you will note all the conditional aspects – they are clearly not operating unconditionally.

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