The Alleged Ball Game Shooter Identified – Angry Days Courtesy Trump

At least five people were injured when a gunman opened fire Wednesday morning on a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia, where Republican members of Congress and their staffers. Lack of gun control and political vitriol is a lethal mix! Oh – and then add the specifics of Trump and the hate that begets hate – and this  country becomes a tinder box, with a great irony that America was once great until Trump came along with his attacks on Democrats.

NBC identified James Hodgkinson from Illinois seems this is the man alleged to be the Congress baseball shooter.  
 Is this the start of a Democrat versus Republican civil war ?  Triggered by Trump’s failed presidency and hateful agenda? Or is this an or an opportunity to unify – and if the latter Trump MUST be curbed in his supremacist discriminatory hateful agenda!

Judging from this Facebook page this could be politically inspired- by American politics. Home made American terror.

A man identified as Hodgkinson has a Facebook page indicates that he is very angry at Trump and Republicans:

Though in my opinion there is no justification – for this violence – I am not surprised!  A lethal mix of zero gun control and anger … triggered by hateful rhetoric and an attack on our Constitution by a lying, uncouth incompetent moron for a president.

From Hodgkinson’s Facebook page:   ” for the Studied at SIU Edwardsville Went to BTHS WestLives in Belleville, Illinois, From Belleville, Illinois.” and his newish post:

Posted June 12:  I want to say Mr. President, for being an ass hole you are truly the Biggest Ass hole we ever had in the Oval Office.

If this is the shooter it shows Trump was wrong about “Muslim terrorists” being the immediate threat – but rather angry white men who HE has triggered with his defecation on our own democracy – with a little pouring of zero of gun control added to the mix!

This cannot be allowed to continue: When Trump starts treating people and the presidency with respect – maybe America will be restored to the era of pre-Trump truth and pre-Trump rhetoric.  This post is not intended to be divisive – and my hope is this country can unify over this. However the truth MUST be spoken. Until this #45 is impeached or dramatically changes his ways, there is NO HOPE for anything,  but more of this!

Let me be clear – I condemn this violence and I condemn the hateful rhetoric that preceded it!

UPDATED 10.06 Am PST: The shooter is deceased and identification confirmed.  My thoughts go to Rep. Scalise and the Republicans and all who were injured in this insidious attack.

Screenshots from shooter’s FB page –  posted with original post

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