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Video Seattle City Council Meeting LGBT Commission Regarding their Discrimination Against Israeli LGBT Guests

Incompetency of the Seattle LGBT Commission highlighted by the Council member questions at the end of the discussion in Video By Melanie Nathan Watch the apology and the dramatic and emotional testimony given by leaders from the Seattle LGBT and Jewish community to the Seattle City Council ( Public Safety, Civil Rights and Technology Committee […]

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Seattle LGBT Commission Issues Apology to Israeli Guests But Should Still Resign

The Seattle City LGBT Commissions has issued a formal apology, by posting it on Facebook, to the LGBT public and the Israeli AILO group, as can be seen below, for its actions in cancelling an event that in essence served to boycott and silence the visiting group from Israel.

It admits the “pain, offense

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FireShot Screen Capture #363 - 'Greater Seattle Business Association' - www_thegsba_org

Greater Seattle Business Association Outraged by Seattle LGBT Commission

Reacting to last week’s cancellation of a meeting with Israeli equality delegates,the Greater Seattle Business Association, the largest LGBT chamber of commerce in the United States with over 1000 members, wrote a letter to the City of Seattle LGBT Commission, to express their outrage at the commission’s decision to “silence LGBT voices by cancelling the City Hall event with a delegation of Israeli LGBT civil rights leaders.”

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FireShot Screen Capture #362 - 'Jewish Voice for Peace' - salsa_democracyinaction_org_o_301_p_dia_action_public__action_KEY=9902

Jewish Voices for Peace and the Seattle LGBT Commission Anomaly

By Melanie Nathan, March 19, 2012 I often wonder if advisory boards for non-Profit organizations keep a check on what they have tied their names to?  Many are apt to join for an appealing mission statement tied to common causes and very often because a friend or acquaintance pitched the importance. Although I do recognize […]

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Protected: US LGBT Academic Delegation Guilty of Pro-Palestinian Pinkwashing

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Commission Anti-Israel or Pro LGBT

Seattle LGBT Commission Shuts Down Israel’s LGBT Voice

The unconscionable shutting down of gay, lesbian and transgender voices by our own community cannot be tolerated, for any reason whatsoever – I take blogger’s license – I am sad and disgusted! By Melanie Nathan 03/15/2012 Reports have come in from the Seattle commission’s meeting tonight that in an act of unprecedented cowardice the Seattle […]

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FireShot Screen Capture #355 - '(2) Dean Spade' - www_facebook_com_deanspade

Seattle University Assistant Law Professor Attempts to Silence Visiting Israeli LGBT Voices

Denying dialogue is a means to foster hate … By Melanie Nathan, 03/14/2012 In the midst of a visit to the West Coast by a delegation of Israeli LGBT leaders, is a small group of  US anti-Israel proponents determined to silence the visitors. Leading this effort to silence the equality activists from Israel is  an […]

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