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FireShot Screen Capture #884 - 'Tutu_ Bush, Blair should face trial at the Hague I The Jakarta Po

Tutu Calls for Bush Blair Prosecutions | A Reminder of Romney Campaign Audacity

South Africa’s Tutu boycotts seminar in anti-Blair protest By Melanie Nathan, September 02, 2012 While many in the United States are contemplating the possibility of another Republican led government, South African Bishop Desmond Tutu, wants to hold Republican life and thought responsible for the hundreds of thousands of preemptive deaths in Iraq. Nobel Peace Prize […]

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FireShot Screen Capture #858 - 'Watch Obama Campaign Video about the Romney Ryan Go Backward

Watch Obama Campaign Video about the Romney Ryan Go Backward Team

Melanie Nathan, August 11, 2012 Watch the Video where the Obama campaign spells out the Mitt Romney Ryan ticket and what it means to the vulnerable in America.  According to David Axelrod – “If their records are any indication of how they’d govern, it’s not looking good (unless you’re a right-wing conservative in the top […]

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Jimmy LaSalvia, Christopher R. Barron, GOProud Co-Founders

Gay Republicans Commit Equality Suicide with Pride over Romney’s Ryan Pick

“I am disgusted by any Gay person who by their promotion for GOP votes condones the race baiter NOM Pledge” Melanie Nathan By Melanie Nathan, August 11, 2012. In an anomaly that defies reconciliation, Gay Republicans of the GOProud and Log Cabin creed, have praised the Romney choice for VP, asserting that the Paul Ryan […]

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