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Remembering the late Prof. Carmen Nathan on her Birthday | Mom perhaps the first South African pro-Gay advocate

 Prof. Carmen Nathan  passed away at age 56, way too young and so accomplished: “A Mother and a friend to all, whose selfless commitment to justice has imparted a legacy abundant in love, compassion and wisdom.” by Melanie Nathan, November 20, 2012. My mother was born Carmen Miller, in 1934 to Rose and Lulu Miller. […]

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Watch Shocking South African Police Massacre of Miners 34 Dead

Watch Video: Caution Extremely Violent By Melanie Nathan, August 17, 2012. Tragedy struck at a Marikana mine in South Africa this week. No it did not cave in and no miners were not trapped underground. The miners were protesting. Singing and chanting, armed with machetes and sticks in war dance fashion.  The South African police […]

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Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance

August 30 is International Day of the Disappeared. Only thirteen countries have ratified the Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance; twenty are needed to bring it into force.  Among those which have not yet signed are the United States and the United Kingdom. I picked up the Blog of a South […]

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Precursor to Future Obama Visit to South Africa

Post Apartheid South Africa where -the poverty is apalling; the crime is outrageous, the suffering is disgusting, the corruption is voluminous, Unemployment forty percent - HIV-AIDS – one in five!   Jacob Zuma what now?    asks Melanie Nathan. The  protest poster says “AWB was better than ANC”  and appeared in The Star Newspaper, Johannesburg, South Africa, “A strong […]

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Racsim: Alive and Well and Living in America

Racsim: Alive and Well and Living in America.. I came to live in the US some 24 years ago, in the earnest belief that there would be no racism in this my new country; I believed that this America was the greatest and most free place on earth.  Clearly my impression stemmed from the context of […]

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