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South African Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng Threatens Freedom of Speech

“Every South African who is aggrieved about something has the right to say what he wants ..that’s also politicians… but I will not hesitate to confront anybody who actually does something that poses a threat to the independence of the judiciary,”  By Melanie Nathan, August 29, 2012. The socially conservative Chief Justice of the South […]

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LGBTI Protests to Protect the South African Constitution

South Africa and Homophobia on GAY STAR NEWS

South Africa must change its tune for LGBTI citizens The South African constitution should be used and enforced, not changed to freeze out gay and trans citizens, says lesbian human rights campaigner Melanie Nathan 03 July 2012 | By Melanie Nathan on GAYSTARNEWS Read the full Article…… CLICK HERE The truth is that, for over […]

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FireShot Screen Capture #619 - '(2) Ezra Steenkamp' - www_facebook_com_ezra_steenkamp

South African National Protests by Gay Rights Activists Sheds Light on ANC Weakness

What happened to the Madibe and ANC assurance that all South Africans will be protected from persecution? Now SA Gays are under attack by members of the ANC. By Melanie Nathan, May 20, 2012. South Africans may have been surprised today as hundreds of people took to the streets of Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg and […]

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Outrageous Interview with South Africa ANC’s Patekile Holomisa Indicates Homophobia

Holomisa is saying that LGBTI people should not be protected by the Constitution because some people believe they are not entitled to those rights. He is forgetting that thinking is the very reason why their rights are so protected.

What remains is the question of what next – while traditionalists ought to have a voice in South Africa’s Parliament, they should be banned from sitting on committees where they have an inherent conflict of interest. Which means they should be excused from serving in positions where they risk impacting the entrenched rights of minorities such as gays, lesbians etc.

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FireShot Screen Capture #580 - 'Stop protecting gays, traditional leaders tell ANC I City Press' -

Nkosi Patekile Holomisa Not Fit to Serve the South African Constitution

By Melanie Nathan, May 07, 2012. South African ANC Member of Parliament  Nkosi Patekile Holomisa is in the hot seat; he is faced with a conflict of interest, a controversial issue and a remark that renders him unfit to serve in any elected and appointed positions. The comments followed a submission by the House of […]

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Zulu King Homophobic Spit on South African Constitution | President Jacob Zuma Stands by in Silence

I am calling on President Jacob Zuma to condemn homophobic remarks on Center stage in harsher terms; his feeble attempt at reprimand does not make leadership grade! By Melanie Nathan – January 23, 2011 Johannesburg – Zulu monarch King Goodwill Zwelithini has criticized people who engage in same sex relationships, labelling them as “rotten”, according […]

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SABC Allows use of Airwaves to Attract Listeners to Pastor’s Anti- LGBTI Agenda

The South African LGBT community is in an uproar about Riekert Botha, a radio evangelical from South Africa who has been spewing anti-gay comments at the expense of the South African taxpayer. South Africa, which  has a fully inclusive constitution outlaws discrimination against LGBTI people and have anti-hate speech laws to  protect groups against hate […]

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