A Virgin’s pov…

Today was the first superbowl game I have EVER watched;  I had no idea who made it to the finals or who was who.  All I knew was that the red team went in one direction and the yellow team in the other.  I looked at the score and noted 20 to 14 – thats when I started watching.   Not that much time left,  noticing the clock I thought,  thats it guys ; red guys – go home- its over!  Over! You are done!  But lo and behold they scored and the score jumped up… so many points and I am not quite sure what he did to get them, but they were all very excited.  I let out a yell …”whooohoooo”   ..me yelling…. (huh?) at the TV ;  “Ah thats how it works!”    Now I am getting it.   The Reds were sooo happy. The Yellows looked worried. Well that was a comeback, I was wrong,  Ithought. Jolly goood the Red s won. It must be over two minutes is a short time.  But for some reason they kept going on and then stopping forever and then going on.  As fate would have it. I was wrong, again?  The yellows made some points – not sure how, but when they yelled, I yelled too. It was so much fun. I think I will do it again next year.

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2 Comments on “A Virgin’s pov…”

  1. Glenn February 3, 2009 at 7:26 AM #

    The first step in comprehending US football is not to be color blind…

  2. Glenn February 3, 2009 at 7:49 AM #

    The first step in comprehending US football is not to be color blind…
    Real perception of the American character, however, is to be found in appreciation of the National Pastime, baseball. For a lawyer, few enactments–if any–besides the First Amendment can rival the Infield Fly Rule for justice and efficiency in addressing a Great Issue. Like the 14th Amendment, it is an essential pillar of American jurisprudence but one achieved at far less cost.
    A Palestinian-American friend expressed pessimistic concern when Obama appointed Rahm Emanuel, son of a member of the Irgun, as his chief of staff. I opined that when it came time for Obama to steer a more responsible diplomatic path in Palestine (friends don’t let friends drive drunk), Emanuel would be a useful messenger to certain portions of American Jewry. Additionally, the pairing of a Northside Cub fan, middle name Israel, with a Southside White Sox fan, middle name Hussein, is a quintessentially American political ticket balanced with the precision of an atomic clock.
    Baseball may not explain all things American, but it’s the right place to start.

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