Why Can’t the English…… America Got Talent?

Diva League- Americas Got talent

Diva League- Americas Got talent

Here I am humming the tune with a resounding “Why can’t the English learn to speak.” The inimitable line by Henry Higgins (Rex Harrison) aghast at Audrey Hepburn’s trashy elocution in ‘My Fair Lady,’ pulsates in my head, having been triggered by Pierce Morgan’s (America’s Got Talent) characterization about what best represents American talent. Tonight on the show he declared the ‘Diva League’ performance as a “bunch of lip-synching old drag-queens who could hardly represent the talent of America.” While speaking the tongue of Englishman, Mr. Morgan purports to ‘speak America .’ (Yikes, why can’t the English learn to speak?) The whole idea of America’s Got Talent is that the winner gets to perform in Las Vegas, and what could be more of a Vegas act than the swinging buttocks of stiletto-bearing drag queens in black vampire lingerie? David Hasselhoff and Sharon Osborne (redeeming the English – albeit in the form of lady) speak to this reality by applauding the performance.

And I am stuck with that damn tune churning over and over in my pained head…. reminded of hijacked colonies – English at its best.

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