2012 and My Resolution to Support Barack Obama All the Way!

LGBTI rights depend on 2012 – here we come!
By Melanie Nathan, Dec 31, 2011

Well in mere hours it will be the year 2012 – I am going to let bygones be bygones! I am holding the Obama administration accountable for the upcoming repeal of DOMA, for the imperative passage of ENDA and for reuniting our same-sex binational partners. No New Year resolution needed, yet in doing so I plan to support the current administration to the fullest of my ability.  If anyone doubts anything said hereafter I invite you to spend a week like I did, commenting my truth on a semi-conservative Republican web article. You would be horrified.  But this goes beyond “no alternative” – into the realms of loyalty for what we have indeed accomplished thus far and also into the realm of imperative for equality.  2012 here we come!

I realize that we need a full complement of House, Senate and Presidency. I believe that we will attain equality if the election went our way with added progressive democrats in the house and possibly Senate.  I am not looking at the past.  Obama’s first term began with the awfulness of the inherited “House of Bush” and I am willing to understand that while I had hoped for full equality then, the country was so screwed it needed urgent fixing on levels that we must now see as conditions precedent to equality.

So I am not getting caught up in the stay at home don’t donate or libertarian crap that is mulling around. I am full on board for OBAMA.

I do believe President Obama is the one and I would love to see Secretary Clinton at his side. She has done an amazing job and I would like to see her stay as Secretary of State. However this travel is taking it out of her and she should come home to DC as VP for the next four years, pending her Presidency.  This notion will rally the women voters and also the LGBTI voters.

I have resolved to fight the homophobic and bigoted and racist and punitive and petty and embargoing Republicans, who have done nothing but to stall government from its proper operation with the last click of my computer!

Traditional at New Years in America is that constant barrage of last minute contributions for end of the year gifting, citing 1/31/ as a drop dead moment to fund everything from charities to political campaigns.  Usually the requests leave me stone cold, but this year I was awakened to a new fever tone pitch, especially in the political arena.

The result of a pitch depends largely on the impact it has the person to whom it is reaches and the effectiveness of the wording used and character of the pitch may well fall flat, depending on the personality of the individual reached.

Perhaps it is unfortunate that we have yet to develop data mining software that can be used to adapt e-mail blitzes to a target individual’s temperament.  Or have we?

This weekend, and especially today the tone of the requests indicate somewhat an upping of the ante and the crescendo is increasingly audible, as it pervades in a massive blast through the loud words:

However the Number one #1 plea which I appreciated beyond all, is the simplistic and colloquial style of President Barack Obama:

“Melanie —

About the deadline tonight: It matters.

If you can, please give $3 or more today:


To 2012,


Here are my remaining top three pleas – the one’s that got to me and I am hoping that you will heed these final calls.

#3. The bold and necessary desperation of Robin McGehee of GETEQUAL

“Three weeks ago, I told you that a generous donor has challenged us to find 150 grassroots donors before the end of the calendar year. This challenge came with a promise to match every dollar that comes in, up to $5,000. This challenge is an effort to find more people who will step up and “own their equality” by investing in the powerful grassroots work that GetEQUAL is doing both nationally and locally in over 20 states across the country. We’re thrilled that we’re over 2/3 of the way there with 119 grassroots donors — but I don’t feel like we can really celebrate until we reach the 150 donors we were challenged to find!”  ……. Help us reach our goal by donating here: www.getequal.org/donate  We just need 31 more people to reach that goal — please help us start 2012 off with a bang! “

#2.  The calm and accomplished Senator Kirstin Gillibrand, New York:

“I am just over $6,500 short of my year-end fundraising goal. You’re probably getting ready for this evening’s New Year’s Eve celebration, but if you could take a moment to go online and give, it would mean the world to me. The website is www.kirstengillibrand.com/contribute Your help this year has put the campaign in excellent shape heading into next year, and we only need this last push to reach our goal.

Thanks for all that you do, and have a happy and safe New Year!


#3. The bombastic and assured James Carville and worthy of this conclusion:-

“ Listen, what you do on New Year’s Eve is your business. Get rowdy, dance like a fool – I won’t judge.

But if you let that ball drop without doing something to keep the GOP’s hands off the Senate majority, you just might wake up with one heckuva political hangover.

That’s because this is our last chance to batten down the hatches before Karl Rove and his gang of hyenas come at Elizabeth Warren and the rest of our Democratic candidates with every sleazy attack they can dream up.

Remember: If Republicans had their way, New Year’s Day would bring something much worse than a headache – a middle-class tax hike.  President Obama and Senate Democrats stopped them.

But with 23 seats to defend – and only four seats protecting our majority – taking our foot off the gas pedal in the last few hours of 2011 is exactly the kind of mistake that could cost us.

Don’t be That Guy (or Girl) who wakes up tomorrow wishing he’d (or she’d) made better decisions. Click here to contribute $5, $10 or more to help the DSCC raise the last $50,000 it needs to beat Rove and the GOP before the midnight deadline!

Right now, we’ve got ten seats that are pure toss-ups. And if we don’t hit our last mark of 2011, we risk letting the GOP gain an edge as 2012 gets underway.

If that happens in just four of those races, guess what – the party’s over.  Republicans will get to work erasing health care reform, middle class tax cuts – even Medicare. And all we’ll have is regrets.

In just a few hours, the books will be closed on 2011. We won’t get another shot at this goal. And if you’ve been putting off doing your part to save our firewall by saying you’ll get to it later, guess what: We’ve run out of “later.”

Click right here, right now, and let’s get this done. We’re $50,000 away from hitting our mark and starting 2012 off on the right foot. Please contribute $5, $10 or more!

If you end up wearing a lampshade tonight, you might feel a little silly in the morning. But if we let the DSCC fall short of its goal – and Karl Rove gets an edge that allows him to beat up on folks like Elizabeth Warren and deal a devastating blow to President Obama and the Democrats – we’ll feel way worse than silly.

So this year, skip the regret (and maybe that last shot of tequila). Click here to help the DSCC finish the year strong by contributing $5, $10 or more towards our year-end goal!

It’s your last chance to stand up to the far right in 2011. Make it count.

Thanks, and have fun tonight.

James Carville”


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