Ugandan President Museveni tries to Down Play Kill the Gays Bill

By Melanie Nathan, April 19, 2012.
The Ugandan President Museveni was interviewed by Christiane Amanpour where  he down played the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, otherwise known as the ‘Kill the Gays Bill,’ by asserting it applies to exhibitionism only. Whether the man is ill informed or  an out and out liar, he was unprepared for a persistent and well informed Amanpour. Watch below.

We all know that the Kill the Gays Bill is so much more than intending to target exhibitionism. Itis designed to prevent so called “promotion” of homosexuality – a term so loosely defined it makes no sense but will serve to curb all LGBTI activity, gag discussions about being gay,  ban same-sex relationships, and the operations of non profit groups which seek to help LGBTI people.

What I find most revealing is President Museveni’s denial that David Kato was killed for being gay. He states categorically that Kato was not killed for being gay, and say he was “killed for other reasons.” He then overtly blames  Kato’s death on a confrontation with a boyfriend.

To those of us who believe that David Kato was set up by Museveni loyal authorities, it seems as if the Ugandan President knows a great deal  more than what he reflects by then contradicting  himself  when he says, “I did not check the details with the police before coming here.”

One would think that given the enormous controversy of the Kato death, which was well over a year ago in February of 2011, that President Museveni would be better informed.

Kato’s murderer confessed to the killing and was sentenced and so the story fed by the Museveni justice system is public knowledge. Why would Museveni need to have been informed by the police on the facts if the case is already adjudicated?

Given the high profile nature of the case it is amazing to me that this President would be willing to look so clueless in an interview broadcast worldwide.

I can only conclude form his ridiculous attempt at spinning the ‘Kill the Gays Bill’ to his feigned ignorance on Kato’s murder that the man is plain ignorant or an out and out liar!  Either way I say “Mr 25 years in office dictator your time is up.”

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