United Kingdom Petitioned not to deport lesbian Linda Nakibbuka to Anti Gay Uganda

Posted by Melanie Nathan.  June 02, 2012

David Bahati M in Uganda and author of Kill The Gays Bill believes Linda should die for being a lesbian

A  campaign has been launched by the Movement for Justice, for the life of Linda Nakibbuka, an Ugandan lesbian at risk of deportation from United Kingdom to Uganda, a nation where both female and homosexual activity is illegal.

The petition was launched to try and stop the deportation of  Linda Nakibuka to certain persecution and possible death.
Linda 22 came to the UK as a student. She is known to be a lesbian in Uganda where homosexuality is illegal and where further legislation is sought to put  gay people to death, through the pending Anti-Homosexuality Bill. (Also called Kill the Gays Bill.)

Linda was attacked, sexually harassed and beaten in Uganda by people who think homosexuality is a sin and contiguous.

In 11April 2012, Linda went to the UK  Board Agency to seek for asylum, however despite her visa still being valid, she was put in detention, placed on fast tract and her claim was dismissed by the UKBA and an immigration Judge despite the fact that she had witnesses who knew her from Uganda and as well LGBT friends in the UK.

Linda’s life is deteriorating every day. Detention doctors have written to the UKBA regarding the torture Linda went through but all seems to have has fallen on deaf ears as tis form of detention exacerbates her suffering.

The UK Supreme Court overturned the policies that made it likely to return Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people to a persecuting country back in July 2010. However little has changed in practice as the UKBA has a tendency to deny the deportee’s sexuality as being authentic.

We cannot let this happen be a part of the change by signing this petition.

Sign now: http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/free-linda-nakibbuka/sign.html

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2 Comments on “United Kingdom Petitioned not to deport lesbian Linda Nakibbuka to Anti Gay Uganda”

  1. Godfrey June 22, 2012 at 11:42 AM #

    It is so sad and frightening that we the minority group of lbgt from countries like Uganda,Senegal and so on have to go through un imaginable measures to convince Ukba that we are indeed what we say we are.Fast track and detention are some of the inhuman measures applied by ukba to deter lgbts from places like Uganda.What we are facing is almost equivalent to what we fled from.We shall continue to fight for our rights and freedom until the world accepts us as ordinary human beings.

    • Melanie Nathan June 22, 2012 at 7:16 PM #

      I really appreciate your comments thank you…

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