U.S. Pastor accuses gays of persecuting Christians in lead up to UK Oxford Union invitation

The Scott Lively Connive | A Lecture at Oxford Union, UK  in an attempt to win sympathy in SMUG vs. Lively

Screen Shot 2013-01-13 at 2.19.37 PMWell this may or may not be the speech Scott Lively has planned for his address of the students at Oxford Union in the United Kingdom, but he did re-publish it on his “Defend the Family” website with the header “Abstract:  A December, 2012 artic(le) (r)epublished in anticipation of Dr. Lively’s visit to Oxford University, January 31 – Feb 4th 2013. ” And so Scott Lively is on his way to Oxford Union and  there is  no published date for an Oxford lecture may well be part of his design, a plan to continue to vilify Ugandan and other Gays, under the guise of his perception that he and his religion are the one’s being persecuted.

How come the lecture is not publicly advertised:   To many it seemed odd that  Scott Lively “mistakenly, by accident ” booked the wrong air flight date to the United Kingdom, causing him to miss an event at Oxford Union where he was scheduled to debate the issue of gay parenting.  Oxford Union took pity on Lively’s apparent mess up and  accommodated the mistake by scheduling a special event for Lively. Perhaps the event involves a singular lecture by Lively, with no opposing views to be expressed.  The lecture is scheduled for Feb 01 or 02. One can only wonder to what extent this charade was planned by a man who is quite capable of conniving.

Lively mentions in the article that his religious freedoms have been impeded by the U.S. lawsuit, under the U.S. Alien Tort Act brought by Uganda’s coalition of LGBTI, who are suing Lively for “crimes against humanity, based on actual persecution of gays,  resulting from Lively conspiring to persecute homosexuals in Uganda. The irony is that while this article shows Lively crying foul, asserting that his religious expression has been referred to as homophobia, he is providing the motive for why he conspired with Ugandan parliamentarians when he sought to bring about the demise of gays in Uganda,  as the launching pad for the “final solution”  of all gays around the world.

The man states in no uncertain terms that gays are bringing an end to civilization. His motives are clear.

What makes this particular insidious is the fact that he has drummed up an argument, which he plans to flaunt on his Oxford audience, to elucidate sympathy for his cause.  He truly believes that if he can draw the Magna Carta and its demise into the frame and attach it to is notion of  how the Declaration of Human Rights  should be perceived, then he can make the justification for his designed persecution of gays in Uganda. All the while we see clearly how the man has twisted history to vilify gays, while making it seem that he and Christianity are the victims.

Lively says :

“Exactly ten years later in 2007, on my way to Warsaw, Poland to speak on human rights at the World Congress of Families IV, I made a brief stop in Dublin, Ireland. There I met with a Christian street activist who was literally in hiding from the police under threat of arrest for speaking against homosexuality on the public sidewalks in violation of the new Sexual Orientation Regulations (SROs). The bulwark of the Magna Charta could no longer protect this Christian brother. After eight centuries it had finally been breached — by militant activists of the “gay” movement. The news stories coming out of the UK since then paint an increasingly dismal picture for believers.”

“Moreover, this “right to sodomy” actually undermines true human rights, as exemplified by the collapse of the Magna Charta in the United Kingdom. The first principle of that venerable human rights document declares that “The English Church shall be free.” This principle, established in the bedrock of British jurisprudence in 1215, stood unshakable for nearly 800 years until the rise of the “gay” movement which has in just the past decade achieved the power to redefine religious liberty as “homophobia” and to crush it under the heels of its pink jackboots.”

Screen Shot 2013-01-13 at 2.19.06 PMLively tries to make the case for his defense by asserting that but for the first Amendment in the U.S. Constitution,  he would be the one being persecuted:

“Yet despite the emergence of the Universal Declaration and all of its statutory progeny, no country in the world has been as stalwart in defense of religious liberty and freedom of speech as the United States — because of the First Amendment. However, even as we celebrate International Human Rights Day, the First Amendment is under siege by the same forces that brought down the Magna Charta. In recent years it has survived a series of assaults that continue to grow in frequency and severity with no end in sight.

In less than a month, on January 7th, 2013 I will appear in federal court here in Springfield, Massachusetts with my attorney from Liberty Counsel. There, he will present our oral argument in support of our Motion to Dismiss the case against me for “Crimes Against Humanity.” (http://www.scottlively.net/2012/06/26/motion-to-dismiss-smug-lawsuit/) I am being sued by Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) for preaching against homosexuality in that country. At issue is the strength of the First Amendment to protect my right to preach the Gospel in a foreign country.”

What he forgets is that he is being sued not for his right to free speech and religion, which no one has or will ever remove from him, but rather for his actual deeds and actions where he purposefully conspired to persecute LGBTI Ugandans.

He ends his tirade with the ominous call to fear for the persecution of Christians:-

” I would like to take the opportunity of this anniversary to call for prayer. Not so much for myself, but for our nation. Because a loss to these plaintiffs under these pleadings would mean a breach of First Amendment in the same manner as the Magna Charta. If the First Amendment cannot protect my rights of religious liberty and freedom of speech in a foreign country, how much less will they protect all of us here in our own country.

Indeed, haven’t we already begun to see “sexual orientation” trump religious liberty (and to a lesser extent freedom of speech) as a legal trend? How much worse will it be if the federal courts accept European legal reasoning in their rulings?

My friends, understand the gravity of what I am saying. If the First Amendment falls to the “gays” like the Magna Charta did, true human rights will be finished in America (and by extension the rest of the western world). There is no fall-back position. The First Amendment is the last bastion of freedom for Christians. If it fails, serious persecution of all who dare to speak the truth of the Bible will follow close behind. Pray fervently that it will stand!”

A very usual Scott Lively tactic is about to be blasted upon the United Kingdom audience at Oxford Union, where Lively invoked fear of Christian persecution as a reason to justify his own persecution of gays around the world, and more insidiously in Uganda where the persecution has been very real.

There is a chance, sources have informed, that Scott Lively may be barred from entering the United Kingdom, and I believe that if such were to occur it may be base on the fact that his organization,  Abiding Truth Ministries, has been declared a hate group in the U.S. by The Southern Poverty Law Center.  If he does make it into the UK we have no doubt that he  and his hosts,  the Oxford Union, who have invited a hatemonger to its hallowed institution,


Note: While recanting that he is in agreement with the death penalty in the Anti-Homosexuality Bill (Ugandan Kill the Gays Bill ) Lively can be seen on this Video post calling for death of gays (towards the end at refs point: 4:45)   while reciting scripture, during a protest by US LGBT activists, outside his Springfield MA, Christian coffee store:

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2 Comments on “U.S. Pastor accuses gays of persecuting Christians in lead up to UK Oxford Union invitation”

  1. Richard Willmer January 25, 2013 at 1:46 AM #

    Well, now: as is sometimes my wont, I mailed Scott Lively last night:-

    ‘ Scott Lively

    ‘ You never cease to amaze me!

    ‘ Just seen one of your latest utterances, and I quote:-

    ‘ “The first principle of that venerable human rights document [the Magna Carta] declares that “The English Church shall be free.” This principle, established in the bedrock of British jurisprudence in 1215, stood unshakable for nearly 800 years until the rise of the “gay” movement which has in just the past decade achieved the power to redefine religious liberty as “homophobia” and to crush it under the heels of its pink jackboots.”

    ‘ Have you forgotten the Act of Supremacy 1531? Have you forgotten why people set sail on the Mayflower in 1620? And have you forgotten that the C of E is likely be required BY STATUTE to NOT host ‘gay marriage’ ceremonies if/when ‘gay marriage’ is legalized in 2014 or thereabouts? It does rather look that way … except that didn’t ‘forget’, did you? You just ‘airbrushed out the facts’.

    ‘ Interesting developments in UG: quite a few politicos are starting to speak out against Bahati’s proposed persecution (which you are on record as saying that you would prefer – the “lesser of two evils” were your words, I seem to recall – to no bill at all) of his gay compatriots and those who dare to sympathize with them.

    ‘ I suppose that at least I should thank you for the ‘entertainment’, morbid though it sometimes is! (Your appraisal of the “English Church” over the last “nearly 800 years” had me splitting my sides with almost uncontrollable laughter.)

    ‘ Oh well … it takes all sorts … ‘


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