Hateful Anti-Gay Video features Ugandan host of U.K. Preacher Paul Shinners

Watch this outrageous Video showing Bishop David Kiganda in the presence of David Bahati declaring Death for Homosexuals.

By Melanie Nathan, February 23, 2013.

Kidanga , Ssempa and Preachers Praying over Kill The Gays Bahati
Kiganda , Ssempa, Preachers Praying over Kill The Gays Bahati

This Video is older news but can now be seen in a different light, when noting that U.K. Preacher Paul Shinners has yet to answer questions about his preaching at the past Ugandan National New Year’s Eve prayer rally, hosted by David Kiganda.  Kiganda is seen in the Video which calls for death to homosexuals. Kiganda was Paul Shinners’ host.

Last month I blogged about Shinner’s participation in the rally and quoted his words where he endorsed the “plan” that would bless Uganda, in the context of the call by preachers for the passage of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, otherwise known as “The Kill the Gays Bill.”

While Shinners has not denied the quote, he has tried to distance himself from his message. He has issued a statement saying that he is not “homophobic.”   But he has failed to answer the questions which I have posed to him, as well as those posed by bloggers DB Law and Barry Duke.  He has also solicited the help of U.K. local St. Neots press as well as local Christian press to come his defense to denigrate me and other bloggers who have exposed his appearance in Uganda. Shinners is trying to defend his  reputation and to preserve his Christian Conerstone Bookstore and his charity Passion for Souls which provides the funds for his travels to Uganda.    He has said  that he is not a homophobe – he loves the sinner not the sin – and that he does not agree with the anti-gay Bill – etc.  However he has not only failed to explain the specific wording of his speech in Uganda, but also his association with the homophobes who have pushed The Kill the Gays Bill, in his presence. Worse yet the homophobes who do support the Bill remain touted for excellence on Shinners’ website.

Here is the issue in a simple equation:-

 Video showing Bishop David Kiganda + The Poster of Kiganda with Paul Shinners’ and on website  = Shinners supports the Kill the Gays Bill!

Shinners advertized the Rally before going to Uganda in December 2012, on his Passion for the Souls Website. In the Poster advertisement on his website  (see screen shot of Shinner’s website below.) Shinners’ picture appears together with a group of pastors including (at top left of poster) the picture of the host for the event, fervently anti-gay Bishop David Kiganda, one of the preachers featured in this Video below.

David Kidanga
David Kiganda in Video

If anyone for one minute doubts Kiganda’s participation in wanting to kill gays, please watch this short video from beginning to end.  In the video Kiganda delivers the message that if homosexuality is not dealt with, then Uganda can end up with two cities destroyed like Sodom and Gemorah.  In the same video at the same event at  min 2:28 – 2:55 is David Bahati, the Member of Uganda’s Parliament, who authored and introduced the Anti-homosexuality Bill,  who is seen and heard saying:

“The Majority of members of parliament decided that the punishment that that person deserves for homosexuality is death. …. We love the sinners but we hate the sin.”

The scene then dissolved into a crazed prayer session, at min 6:31, where Bahati is seen on the ground while the group of Pastors, including Bishop Kiganda, pray for the delivery of Bahati to effect passage of his Kill the Gays Bill.

Wake up  St. Neots and patrons of Cornerstone Cafe, this is who and what your preacher Paul Shinners is associating with in Uganda and this is who you support.

The Poster  below is still up on Shinners’ website taken from the site itself taken 2/23/2013 at 10:20PM PST, two months after we asked Shinners to answer questions about his association in Uganda.

Although this is not the event where Shinners presented his speech in question, Shinners went to Uganda where he shared the stage with David Kiganda, his host, as advertized by him, and where he spoke of the ‘blessed plan for Uganda’  and there is absolutely no way he can deny knowing exactly who he was on the stage with and what it is preachers from Uganda were talking about.

Since I first published my article in early January (to understand the genesis and evolution of this story please see the links below) Shinners has done nothing about trying to call an end to the Kill the Gays Bill or even to disassociate himself from his host David Kiganda and the others he preached with in December 2012.

By way of example,  this is tantamount to sharing a stage with Hitler and defending the appearance by saying one is not an anti-semite, by saying one does not agree with killing Jews. Imagine coming back from Germany to the United Kingdom from a pre-genocide Rally wit Hitler and being challenged on the association and then failing to answer specifics about the anti-semite denial as well as failing to disassociate and then having the audacity to retain the poster of Hitler on your website. With no attempt to engage the genocidal (pastors) thereafter?  That is Paul Shinners’ position at this time! To Ugandan Gays Kiganda, Bahati, Ssempa etc. are the pre-genocidal maniacs.

Kidanga accusing lesbians or "recruitment"
Kiganda accusing lesbians or “recruitment”

Its time to come clean Paul Shinners. He knew exactly who these people were with whom he shared a stage. He cannot deny that by his mere appearance on that stage, by association,  he is lying when he says he is not pro the Kill the Gays Bill.

The Kill the Gays Bill will be back on the Ugandan Parliament’s Order Papers next week, having sat at No 1 through 4 position during the course of last week.


Screen Shot 2013-02-22 at 10.15.16 PM

Screen Shot 2013-02-22 at 10.18.36 PM

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27 thoughts on “Hateful Anti-Gay Video features Ugandan host of U.K. Preacher Paul Shinners

  1. “Love the sinner, hate the sin”, says the religious right.
    “Love the religious bigot, disagree with the religious bigotry”, says I.

  2. Whether you are an evangelical Christian who believes that homosexuality is a sin (not all do), or a gay activist working for equal access to civil rights (getting a marriage license from your government is a civil right), it seems we all need to go through a process of forgiveness and reconciliation. As the Dalai Lama has said, “All of us want to be happy. No one wants to suffer. If we act and behave with that in mind, then it will be a good thing”.
    I believe in cultural peace, not cultural war.

    1. Well according to my understanding of forgiveness and reconciliation such is not possible before the offender admits the truth. Take Mandela as a perfect example. All was forgiven on both sides when parties came to the table and admitted their faults- crimes- mistakes- sins etc. However what I find incongruous about your context TOm Miller is the fact that its the Christians calling for the DEATH of GAYS in this scenario and THE GAYS wanting to be left in peace. How can you equate the two?

  3. Would love to know about the “local Christian press” that you believe Paul Shinners has “solicited the help of” — perhaps you would be good enough to provide details, please?

    1. Why dont you comment on the important issue at hand Mr. Groom? The Thesis of the article would seem more important than the small point you seek to rebuke. Why dont you comment on Shinners association with the Christians mentioned in this article? Why are you so interested in defending Mr. Shinners after watching this abhorrent video? Do you think Mr Shinners’ should get a reprieve for his associations? I have had calls from journalists and bloggers in your local area and some were approached by Shinners. Now get to the more important issues at hand ….. lets hear some worthy comment from you

      1. Why don’t you answer questions when they’re put to you, Melanie? You criticise Paul for not answering your questions whilst blithely disregarding every question that challenges your prejudiced perspective.

        Guilt by association is a fallacy, and much as you may want it to, Paul’s association with the likes of Kiganda does not indicate that he shares their attitude towards LGBT people. You are building a house of cards on a foundation of straw based upon nothing more than your own tendency to shoot first and ask questions later.

        1. The only one on trial here is Paul Shinners and you Phil too, now an accessory, in defending his website that houses and promotes the haters. Poor behavior for Christians. I am only the messenger. if shooting me helps Phil Groom and Paul Shinners feel good – so be it!

          1. So, it’s a trial, but you’re only the messenger, eh, Melanie? Sorry: self-appointed Grand Inquisitor would be closer to the truth, would it not? And a Grand Inquisitor in the tradition of the mediaeval witch trials, it seems, with a complete disregard for your victim’s own testimony: a disappointing — and hypocritical — attitude for someone who sets herself up as an advocate. Who, pray, is doing the shooting here? You, Melanie: please don’t pretend otherwise … but if it makes you feel good…

            1. Figure of speech Phil – but hey I will own it. I am not afraid to be Judge here. The facts are before me – and I have rendered the guilty verdict. Paul Shinners is guilty of rhetoric and an insidious association that has promoted the Killing of Gays in Uganda and you Mr. Groom have edged your way into ‘accessory after the fact’ ! I am NOT a journalist and unlike you have never claimed to be one. I am an activist advocate for social justice -…..

          2. Well that’s one question answered: no chance of any sort of fair trial with you as judge and jury, Melanie; and what sentence do you propose to pass?

            1. He must come clean and explain what he meant by the word PLAN. He has yet to explain his words. Then he must apologize to me for accusing me of defamation. AND he must apologize to the LGBT community in Uganda for sharing a stage with Kiganda.

    2. Phil YOU are the local christian press helping Shinners and he has also manipulated the Hunts Post.

      Your deliberate attempts to avoid the REAL issues and questions only make you look as GUILTY as Paul Shinners. Maybe you should take your own advice regarding “trolls”…

      GROW UP and stop behaving like a big baby.

      You know what you are doing and it is disgusting that you can behave in such a facetious manner when Paul Shinners has done nothing to help the innocent CHRISTIAN Ugandans he has helped to persecute. You are an absolute disgrace for helping him and throwing mud at people you don’t even know.

      I bet you think the earth is only 6,000 years old too, like they teach at the NMCI training programmes. Is that who trained Paul Shinners as an Evangelist? Did he not do a REAL theology course?

      And by the way your suggestion that the term “Evangelist” is an honorific title is disgraceful. There is nothing honorable or respectable about Paul’s type of CANCEROUS Evangelism. It is a disease that needs to be cured. “Mr Anonymous” (YOU?) said on my blog…

      “If I have the cure to a disease, the most loving thing I can do is tell people that they have the disease, because that allows me to show them the cure. Telling them I can cure the disease doesn’t affect anyone unless I first make sure they know that it needs a cure.”

      Phil, I think you have a disease and I can help cure you, but I fear you are too close-minded to be open to it. It’s never too late to open your eyes to the truth.

      1. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Daniel, though I’m sure Melanie is quite capable of speaking for herself — unless, of course, she has appointed you as her spokesperson? By your logic, that’s the kind of conclusion I’d now leap to.

        Me, “local Christian press”? Laughable: I have no involvement with any local press covering St Neots, Christian or otherwise; and if Melanie’s claim that Paul has “solicited the help of U.K. local St. Neots press as well as local Christian press” is indeed a reference to my reporting of the situation, it is yet another example of her jumping to unwarranted conclusions. Paul has not made any contact with me, let alone “solicited” my help — on the contrary, Daniel, it was you, posting links on my original report, who brought my attention to the more recent press and blog coverage.

        As for soliciting the local press “to come his defense to denigrate [her] and other bloggers” — another complete shot in the dark: do you, does Melanie, really think the local press are that easily manipulated? Go read the most recent report from the Hunts Post — “Bloggers offer to talk to St Neots cafe owner over anti-gay comments row” — not exactly favorable for Paul, is it? And whence the alleged denigration?

        You already know that I did not make those anonymous comments on your blog: once again, you are shooting in the dark with your allegations; and as for you offering healing, Daniel: physician, heal yourself.

        1. How do you know he did not contact local press Phil? I was told that by reporters who called me from the UK.

          1. When did I say or imply that Paul did not contact local press, Melanie? Undoubtedly he did; but I’d be surprised if it was with the specific intentions you allege.

            It’s strange: under any other circumstances I suspect you and I could have become friends: we are both vehemently opposed to homophobia and both advocate for equal rights for LGBT people; but I also regard it as wrong to make ill-founded accusations against people — and accusing someone of homophobia when they have made it abundantly clear that they are not so inclined is just as wrong-headed as homophobia itself.

            But no matter: as I said on your other post, and as Paul himself has said, let’s hope the Ugandan Bill is not passed.

            I wish you well.

            1. I wish you well to Phil and appreciate your pro-equality stance. I dont care to waste time on the red herrings any longer. However you seem to have acquainted yourself to such an extent with Paul Shinners that you have blinders on. All Shinners has done is state “I am not homophobic”. Of course he is going to say that. AND if he is truly not then why cant he “put his money where his mouth is?”

              Saying “I am not a homophobe” does not explain his statements in Uganda, nor does it explain his association with Kiganda, et al, (Still on his website) nor does it absolve him from his hitleresque associations. Watch the Video and tell me if his silence on the specifics of his statement is still acceptable to you? Watch the Video and tell me if you would have a poster of Kiganda on your website and not be concerned that people would still consider you a homophobe?

              I have been dealing with Uganda and these types of people for long enough to know exactly what I am looking at.

              Whether the Bill passes or not Scott Lively and all his ilk who followed him to Uganda and continue to do so- in effect are promoting the Bill – sharing that stage where all spoke FOR the Bill is tantamount to an overt promotion of the Bill – Regardless of passage they have caused so much harm, that it will take a generation or more to undo the perception, the myth and the hate. Until people like Paul Shinners actually work to undo the harm -it does not even matter if it passes. Its already a nightmare for Ugandan gays.

              Shinners notes in an email to Daniel that he has influence and that he could have helped against the Bill “had we asked earlier for his help.”?????? Oh please what has he done in the 2 months since I sent him the BILL with his influence. Has he written a single letter to his pals there? Has he written a single BLOG piece saying how bad the Bill is? NOTHING!!!!

      1. Love it; you’re certainly good for entertainment value, Melanie. Is there some sort of point to that, or do you just enjoy posting screenshots?

        1. Phil, you haven’t had one constructive thing to say, quit “trolling” and lying about your actions.

          You are a pathetic, petty little man. Why don’t address the real issues? What are you hiding?

          Chris Jefferies has already distanced himself from you and Shinners but you continue to lie and distort the facts. Why?

          If you continue to spout your lies and pointless, facetious questions, then you only look more guilty!

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