Museveni will rely on quackary to sign Anti-Gay Bill

As Uganda and the President perpetuate the lies that underpin the Law

By Melanie Nathan February 14,  2014.

uganda flagIt is clear that Ugandan President  Museveni has pandered to the popularity of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill amongst the Ugandan MPs of his ruling NRM Party, to the detriment of Uganda’s LGBT community, as it is reported he will assent to as soon as he receives a copy. It is clear that the President made this announcement to accomplish points amongst his party as they re-endorsed his leadership of the party with added numbers. It is also clear that he has ditched the truth as it pertains to homosexuality in favor of the quackery and myth that has always served to underpin the basis for the new Bill which passed in the Ugandan Parliament in December, 2013.

Never has it been clearer that gays in Ugandan have indeed been used as scape goats and political tools.  Museveni has played the world for fools and all along led us to believe that he may have a moment of insight around this Bill’s insidious basis when he called for an investigation as to whether or not gays have a genetic predisposition to being homosexual or if being gay is purely deviant behavior through choice.

Now it seems, according to local reports, that Museveni has chosen the mythological and ignorant route, ignoring recent scientific studies and the letters of some 60 world renowned world authrorities and experts on the subject.

For those of us who believe he does in truth know better, we realize that the dictator has done nothing more than play political ping pong to fatten his dictatorship at the expense of Uganda’s gays, all the while diverting his political party’s attention from his corrupt government and the languishing poverty of his people.

Ugandan New Vision, is reporting the reliance on the quackery and junk science as follows:-

President Yoweri Museveni has told NRM MPs he will assent the Anti-Homosexuality Bill into law, Uganda’s government spokesman Ofwono Opondo has revealed. (Full story in SUNDAY VISION)

A press release from NRM Caucus Spokes person Anite Evelyn also confirmed the development.

In a twitter message, Ofwono said Museveni would give the nod to the bill “after 14 medical experts presented a report that homosexuality is not genetic but a social behaviour.”

A Ministerial Committee comprising of scientists from Ministry of Health and Makerere University was set up to study homosexuality and genetics in human beings and advise the President and the NRM Caucus on the subject of homosexuality.

Ofwono Opondo revealed new stand.

He added that “Ugandan traditionalists, religious leaders & politicians have been urging Museveni to sign the Bill. (Those) Supporting homosexuals take it easy Uganda is a sovereign country, you challenge the law in the courts.”

“The NRM caucus has welcomed the development as a measure to protect Ugandans from social deviants,” Opondo added on twitter.

A ten-day MPs’ retreat ends tomorrow, with the selection of three parliamentary commissioners. The NRM caucus earlier in the week endorsed President Museveni as sole candidate for the NRM.

The path is clear now and LGBT Ugandans are scrambling for cover, as what once seemed so unlikely could happen sooner than expected,.

It is believed that The Minister of Ethics and integrity will use his Hitler-like list to target known gays, for arrest.  We are hoping that the Ugandans are indeed at the ready to fight the Constitutionality of the Bill. In the meantime we at PCI Justice have Schindler like list of Ugandan LGBT people seeking to leave the country.


1. If anyone would like to contribute to our RESCUE FUND donations are critical at this time- These are NOT tax deductible – to a Paypal account at [email protected]   One hundred percent of the money received will go directly to the support and rescue of Ugandan and Nigerian and possibly other African LGBT refugees or asylum seekers.

2. Call for immediate Boycotts of everything Ugandan and Nigerian

3. Contact me if you would like to sponsor a Ugandan refugee – [email protected]

4. Call your Congressional Rep and ask if they are aware if this law and what steps they are taking in Congress against Uganda and Nigeria

We will keep you posted with more actions in due course


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