Belgian Parliament Resolution on Uganda

Posted by Melanie Nathan, May 01, 2014.

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 9.43.37 AMhas provided the English translation for the March 22, unanimous Resolution of the Belgian Parliament regarding Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill which was made official law of Uganda on march 10, 2014.

1. to emphasize the importance of respecting sexual orientation and gender identities in any political dialogue with the Ugandan authorities;

2. to make clear reference, when negotiating a new Program of Cooperation (PC) between Belgium and Uganda, to the universality, indivisibility and inalienability of human rights and to link the evaluation of the appropriateness of the PC with willingness of the Ugandan authorities to make extreme efforts to create a basis for tolerance regarding sexual and gender diversity;

3. to include in the PC a clause requiring the Ugandan government to take clear measures to implement a policy of non-discrimination regarding the LGBT community, without harming the LGBT community and its supporters;

4.  to consult constantly with the local partners working in the human rights field and with the LGBT community when implementing the PC where it is focused on the non-discrimination against LGBT people and on the empowerment of the LGBT community, in order to ensure that the policy and initiatives benefit a broad social base;

5. to ensure that reports on the evaluation of partner countries of the Belgian Development Cooperation include a specific chapter devoted to the respect of the rights of LGBT people;

6 . to invest sufficient resources, in the framework of the PC with Uganda, in awareness campaigns for the general public regarding fundamental human rights and, in particular, LGBT rights and the prevention of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV ) in the LGBT community;

7 . to perform, within the framework of the Belgian policy on health and sexual rights, a situational analysis of the target group of LGBT people in Uganda, and to base that policy on the conclusions of the analysis;

8. to encourage all money lenders, with a view to the long term, to perform judicial analysis for appropriate penal legislation and anti-discrimination legislation that Uganda really needs, in order  to create a basis for the decriminalization ;

9. to invest in the development of an accessible health care sector in Uganda and especially to ensure that LGBT people are not discriminated against in this field;

10. to urge the Ugandan government, both bilaterally and through the European bodies, to reverse its decision of the 20 May 2012 to prohibit the aforementioned NGOs.

Download the FR-NL-EN version here.

Find the full text of the resolution in FR-NL here.

(With thanks to Jan Paenhuysen and Steven Tate for responding the call for translation.) Source:

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