Is the Catholic Church’s Position On Homosexuals in the hands of Ugandan Archbishop

Kampala Archbishop Publishes Book on Catholic Church and Homosexuality

By Melanie Nathan, September 18, 2014.

The Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Kampala, His Grace Dr. Cyprian Lwanga has published a book detailing the position of the Catholic Church in Uganda on homosexuals. The  32 page booklet seems to tout  the official position of the church on Homosexuals.

Catholic Position on Homosexuality - Archbishop Kampala Uganda
Catholic position on homosexuality – Archbishop Kampala Uganda – a pretty man indeed

Ugandan Catholic voices posted this article praising the book and asserting it as the prominent Catholic view on homosexuality:

Catholic voices Uganda
Catholic voices Uganda

Uganda Catholic Voices (UCV) is a Ugandan publishing firm that is a print and Web news source that stands as one of the few independent journalistic outlets for Catholics and the Catholic Church in Uganda. It aims to provide daily news stories and features concerning the Catholic Church and Catholics in Uganda.” Our stories are aimed at helping bring the church and its activities closer to people as opposed to the old belief that churchgoers must go to church to find out what is going on there. We also break down in a newsworthy style the complex moral and societal issues of the day. Uganda Catholic Voices is headquartered in Kampala City, Uganda.”

The book includes;

  • Position of the Catholic Church on homosexuals
  • The nature of marriage and its inalienable characteristics
  • Reasons against legal recognition of homosexual unions
  • Position of politicians who believe in God that is Christians and Muslims with regard to legislation in favor of homosexual union
  • Post 2015 challenges related to homosexuality

“Uganda Catholic Voices has apparently read the book and highlights why the Church does not condone homosexuality,.”

“Referring to the booklet, Michael Augustine Blume, Titular Archbishop of Alessano and Apostolic Nuncio in Uganda has said:

 “this pamphlet by the Archbishop of Kampala Dr. Cyprian Lwanga is thus very important. The discussions of the last months on the homosexuality, rights and law leave many Christians perplexed and even unsure of what the church actually teaches on this subject. This booklet therefore puts the big questions into context to understand them; the one institution that is able to unite a man and a woman with each other and the offspring of this union which is marriage. This is a fact men and women have been living since the dawn of history. Divine revelation confirms and reinforces this institution in the mystery of Christ’s love for his Church (Eph5, 32) in the sacrament of Matrimony.”

“the alternative is state recognition of unions that are affairs of adults for their mutual advantages without reference to children, who, at the most, are an option, for which same sex couples resort to adoption of dehumanizing reproductive technologies.

The proper context is the family as civilizations have known it since the beginning and not the distortions of dominating cultures with their idolatry of the provisional and separation of sexuality from the sacred mission of bringing human life into the world. While this presentation is not an extensive study on all issues related to marriage, it gives us the basics of correct human thinking and draw all people of goodwill into the beauty of God’s plan of love for his children.

I implore all readers to discover in these pages the Holy Spirit revealing to us the beauty of marriage and prompting to us to make reality the motto of the great saint of today: “To restore all things in Christ.” Memorial of St. Pius X, 2014.”

When you get yourself a copy of this book, dear readers you will see the Archbishop detailing the topics such as chastity and homosexuality, the nature of marriage and its inalienable characteristics, reasons against legal recognition of homosexual unions, medical reasons for condemning homosexuals, biblical roots for condemning homosexuals, medical and psychological complications of homosexual behavior, the biological and anthropological arguments and lastly has a full chapter on how homosexuals should be treated.

His Grace Dr. Lwanga implores that as children of God, homosexuals deserve respect and love, the same which is accorded to heterosexuals. However he concludes by saying “respect for homosexual persons cannot lead in any way to approval of homosexual unions. Legalising homosexual unions would jeopardize the common good of society and undermine both marriage and family life.

The Ugandan Catholic publication then goes onto advertize the book;

To get to know and teach yourself as a good Christian about the position of the Church get this booklet from any leading Catholic bookshop around Uganda.

I wonder if the Pope gave it an edit?  I have yet to read the book and am wondering if the chapter on homosexuality challenges 2015 includes the Church’s participation in the tacit calls for mob justice against homosexuals. I think the correct term is persecution.From what I read of the reader who has read the book – it seems clear that the position is rooted in fallacy and untenable myth – all tapping into the usual justification for killing gays – the language brunt with innuendo and flagrant use of the word “condemnation” – yes Catholics your position is horrifically clear.

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 9.40.06 AM

4 thoughts on “Is the Catholic Church’s Position On Homosexuals in the hands of Ugandan Archbishop

  1. It blows my mind that you not only insult his traditional Catholic attire but have twisted the teaching into a supposed excuse to kill people. You’re not being rational. Hats off to the Archbishop.

    1. Jesus Christ is doing somersaults on his cross hearing the hate of this Catholic dicta – I believe that for sure!!! I have no respect for men in red dresses who condemn men in pants. For you it does not translate into killing but for those impacted by the milieu this kind of rhetoric creates – it spells death. Its death when you stop people from reaching medical services because HIV support closed down for LGBT people – its death when you are attacked by a mob who feel justified because the man in the red dress said you are condemned. Its death when you are expelled from housing and you live on the street and get malaria- its death when you can no longer work and feed yourself because you are fired for being gay. Its death when yu are sentenced to life in prison. Damn right I read killing INTO this condemnation. Its pure ignorance or complicity not to understand the ramifications of this bullshit that the man in the red dress sprouts. Its not the first time religioun is being used in this context to persecute a small minority!

  2. first read the Book then comment. how you may say opinion about book which you have never had in hand (” it seems clear that the position is rooted in fallacy and untenable myth – all tapping into the usual justification for killing gays “)

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