Texas Hotel Cancels Ugandan President Museveni for Anti-Gay Stance

Uganda bannerBy Melanie Nathan September 17,2014.

The Dallas Voice is reporting that the Ugandan President, Yoweri Museveni’s hotel accommodation has been cancelled  by The Four Seasons hotel.  It is believed the cancellation occurred because of Museveni’s stance against gays and the possibility of planned protests.

Museveni is scheduled to be in Texas this weekend of the 21st to speak in Irving at the local Convention Center, according to Dallas Voice.

“Museveni is in Dallas to promote tourism and look for investors in his country’s oil and gas industry,” the site said in a post this week, and ExxonMobil’s world headquarters are nearby.

Museveni is currently negotiating with the Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center in Grapevine to host his stay. No word yet whether that hotel will accommodate him or how Grapevine police plan to protect him with little notice.

Museveni was recently greeted in the White House despite President Obama’s grievance with the signing of Anti-Homosexuality situation by Museveni and promises of sanctions against human rights abusers.

8 thoughts on “Texas Hotel Cancels Ugandan President Museveni for Anti-Gay Stance

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  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Yes!!! “Ugandan President, Yoweri Museveni’s hotel accommodation has been cancelled by The Four Seasons hotel. ” …… Karma!

  3. Just like I have argued before, You guys don’t want this thing to go away. Because then the point of you activism, your power of us, really, ends and you don’t want it to. Like the centuries old ways of the colonialist, you want to remain in charge forever. How is this act in Texas supposed to help LGBTI Ugandans? How come all the recent rapid positive developments aren’t acknowledged? (The over-tuning of the AHA by hardworking local activists, changing of tone even among the previously most virulent homophobics, etc). When we are on track to making real progress, the know-it-all, ‘world-saving’ western liberals strike again. How can you not see the stupidity of your approach, really? Please, can you just disappear even if for a while and leave the struggle to those who know better?

    1. HAHA – seriously Neo Colonialism on American soil? This is not about UGANDA this is about America – in this instance Americans on their home turf have the right to protest on their own soil who is on it or not. We have a right to say who we think is welcome here or not. But yet you invoke colonialism? Tell M7 to stay at home and no one will give a damn. The hotels that did that were aggrieved by having a homophobic persecutor dictator in their rooms. That is their right to feel that way. You forget Ben that this is on AMERICAN turf not on UGANDAN turf. So how can you invoke Colonialism. M7 is not welcome. Simple. And what better way to convey the message than refuse him lodging. Do you think we are compelled in America to welcome someone who does not share our values. Now interfering with his lodging in Uganda would be of course a different story. No one says this act in Texas is meant to help LGBT Ugandans. It is simply the fact that Americans find M7 odious and do not want to house him. Nothing to do with making things better for LGBT Ugandans. Now I dont say I agree with it as a mechanism to help LGBT people In uganda. I just say it is absolutely the right of those Americans feeling that way. LOL tell M7 to disappear and not come on USA soil. Thats hould solve this problem. Dont tell Americans to dispapear from their own turf. How silly!

  4. True to the lawyer that you are, you skirt the issue. Some Actions that you do (by ‘you’ I mean all activists with the same approaches) from over there on behalf of LGBTI Africans actually endanger them. Like the Sanctions, and these other militant means of your activism. I know some of it is well intentioned but if you listened more to the local activists who actually understand the context better, it would serve the struggle more. And I am not wrong in saying that this part of the centuries long tradition of Westerners considering Africans as people who can’t do anything for themselves

    1. Well please dont lump me in with YOU ALL. Because you really dont know the work I do..

      That said Take a look at what cam in the Email which arrived in my BOX and probably a few hundred thousand people email boxes today today, Ben and ask yourself what these people are doing. They are using the Ugandan GAY situation to raise money and pay themselves salaries and all the while they are saying they are doing stuff for Ugandan LGBT. They are raising western $$$$. And guess who in your Ugandan community is endorsing them and backing them> Why dont you see if you can find out and get back to me about it? I know who is involved in endorsing this western neo colonialism because they are benefitting – check it out and get back to me…

      Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 1.45.45 PM

      Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 1.45.59 PM

    2. Its and Industry and everyone including Ugandans are benefitting so dont come at me with your holier than thou crap about how to be the perfect activist

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