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Pope Francis and Anti-gay Catholic Bishops

The Pope Tries But Too Many Anti-Gay Bishops

By Melanie Nathan OCT 18, 2014. Pope Francis sought to chart a merciful route when it comes to the Catholic Church’s acceptance of gays, but instead seems to have found his navigation compass somewhat impaired. At Vatican City it is apparent that the Catholic bishops scrapped their almost landmark welcome of gays, now revealing what […]

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Clayton County Detectives Fail to respond to missing Lesbian Lisa Lawson’s Disappearance

SEE VIDEO Pleading with Authorities and  LGBT COMMUNITY TO RALLY TO FIND LISA LAWSON By Melanie Nathan, Dec 04, 2012. UPDATED 6. 41 AM DEC 5 2012: Chuntrey Equality Pheap REPORTS via facebook :- “IMPORTANT!!! FROM MICHELLE (Lisa’s Girlfriend): It is with the greatest level of sadness that I have to come to you all […]

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Vietnam Considers Law for Same-Sex Unions

By Melanie Nathan, July 29,2012. I have always thought of  the Vietnamese as pragmatists when it comes to the law. Associated Press is reporting that the Vietnamese are considering the possibility of registering unions for same-sex couples. Homosexuality is a sensitive subject in Vietnam, as in most Asian countries, yet the Ministry of Justice has […]

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Romney Would Veto Dream Act – AP Report buys into Anti-Immigrant Language

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said Saturday that he would veto legislation that would allow certain “illegal residents” to become American citizens.  by Melanie Nathan, January 01, 2012 For a man who purports to be about family, this one is ready to separate children from parents, to send kids back to countries they do not […]

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