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Anti-homosexuality Judges Symposium

Ugandan Judge Speaks of Backlash Since Invalidating Anti-Homosexuality Act

Uganda has a proud history of an independent Judiciary – one wonders how they are to withstand public sentiment when they rule for the Constitution and “against the people’ – or so it seems! By Melanie Nathan, September 30, 2014. The Ugandan Press is reporting on a two-day judicial symposium with judges of the appellate […]

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Leave Elizabeth Edwards alone

Backlash, shmacklash… frontlash…who cares?  Elizabeth Edwards does not owe anyone an explanation. There need not be a why and nor an answer.  She wrote a book, yes a book about her life – freedom of____? (Yes, that is correct) ………..SPEECH!   Then like every celebrity author she is on a book tour.  When a famous personality suddenly […]

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