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Will Barclays Bank speak out against the Ugandan Kill the Gays Bill

By Melanie Nathan, November 10, 2012, As the Kill the Gays Bill heats up for passage, LGBT people who work for  or bank with Barclays Worldwide should be asking their employers to speak out against the impending Anti-Homosexuality Bill which calls for death penalty and  the harsh punishment of homosexuality – before it is too [...]

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FireShot Screen Capture #317 - 'Barclays Annual Report 2010 - About' - www_barclaysannualreports_com_ar2010_index_asp_pageid=8.jpg

Barclays Bank Must Speak out Against Criminalization of Homosexuality in Uganda and Africa

Or stop being hypocrites by displaying diversity programs on your websites….  LGBT people who work for Barclays worldwide should be asking their employers to speak out against criminalization of homosexuality before it is too late!  This applies to all doing business in Africa! By Melanie Nathan, February 21, 2012, (I first wrote this piece on [...]

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Funeral of murdered Ugandan Gay Activist, David Kato 2011

Kill The Gays Bahati Says Uganda Will Not be Blackmailed by the West

State Department Please take action now – LGBT World time for action now as the Anti-Homosexuality Bill is about to Pass the Ugandan Parliament; Is Bahati Booting Gays out of Uganda? No he would rather they languish in prison – he told me so! by Melanie Nathan, 02/08/2012 Today the Ugandan Parliament got one step [...]

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