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Ugandan Monitor Article Suggests Gays Called for their Own Hanging

Melanie Nathan, January 01,2012 Mr. Bernard Sabiti, a self proclaimed social critic in Uganda, with clear political aspirations, and probably a Museveni Regime Bahati sock puppet, has upped the anti-gay ante in his country in an insidious attempt to discredit gays.   Activists around the world are responding to Sabiti’s claim in an article he wrote [...]

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Ugandan Social Critic Slams Ugandan Gays Under Pretense of AHB Boosting Gay Agenda

 Is this another “Rolling Stone Uganda” design; Lets get the Homos by social sock puppet Bernard Sabiti!” by Melanie Nathan, Jan 07, 2011 Bernard Sabiti, a self acclaimed Ugandan social critic has written an article ominously entitled “How the Anti-Homosexuality Bill boosted gays agenda in Uganda” where you would think he is about to  make [...]

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