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A lesson in Human Rights for us all

By Melanie Nathan, May 20, 2013. What are human rights? Can you answer that question? See what people from around the world answered when asked and then learn the basics in this 10 minute video. Your comments are most valued whether in public or private. No one has ever tackled the USA for breaching the […]

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U.S. Federal Appeals Court Rules Victory for Same-Sex Marriage

See the Judgment – ” we conclude that Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act violates equal protection and is therefore unconstitutional ” By Melanie Nathan October 18, 2012 The issue of same-sex marriage as a constitutional right for all Americans has been decided by the the Federal Appeals Court, for the Second Circuit […]

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AFER VIDEO | Prop 8 Unconstitutional AFER Press Conference Highlights

By Melanie Nathan, February 10, 2012. Proposition 8, the 2008 measure that stripped same-sex couples of the right to marry in California, has now been found by two Federal Courts to be unconstitutional! Prop 8 discriminates against same-sex couples in violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the U.S. Constitution. This week a majority from […]

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Feels like my entire life depends on 4 hours of alienable argument

The Court has taken the matter as submitted. Prop 8 is on the decision block. It seemed to me by listening to the questions of the esteemed Justices that proposition 8 may go through as valid. I feel despondent. Although I thought Ms. Stewart’s argument was articulate and clear and its jurisprudential profundity seemed to outweigh that of the opponent.

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