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Again – Again and Again but are we following the right path?

Read this Article in full at;-   http://www.metroweekly.com/gauge/?ak=4388 at http://www.Metroweekly.com Then please come back and read my highlighted section and comment… thanks, I am highlighting the following part of the Report – those in the “know” please comment…. or anyone for that matter!! “Sadly, Joe and Steve’s case is not unique. Immigration Equality, with offices in […]

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.. time to talk? Not sure yet..

          Melanie Nathan Lesbian mom, “Me  and our  Baby”   Today I was picked up by a BLOGGER that sees Gays and Lesbians as lesser Americans Michigan Redneck II –  (yes that is what the blogger calls him/herself)   –  – or so I presume from the postings.  THIS IS WHAT SHE WROTE ON […]

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