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Vigil to be held at San Francisco Opera Opening for solidarity with Russian Gays

By Melanie Nathan, September 04, 2013. A group of LGBT activists will stage an informational vigil including members of Gays Without Borders, BoycottRussianVodka.com will be holding a fun informational vigil on Friday, September 6 at 7:00 pm outside the San Francisco Opera’s gala opening night at the War Memorial Opera House, located at Van Ness […]

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Happy 4th of July | Gays Celebrate Independence in a More Equal America

See Video – And a Gay Tenor sings his way into the hearts of America By Melanie Nathan, July 04, 2013. The weeks leading up to this 4th of July have been historic for America – the horrendously discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)  came crashing down after decades of hell for many Americans and […]

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Ugandan President agrees that anti-gay Red Pepper Tabloid is bad news

Museveni ‘under pressure to ban’ Red Pepper In an article by Grace Natabaalo it is revealed that Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has revealed that he is under pressure to ban local tabloids such as Red Pepper for exposing nudity. “We could have closed it but because of the pressure by western powers about the free […]

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Uganda TV accuses President Obama of threatening sanctions if Anti-Homosexuality Bill passes

U.S. State department denies Obama threatened sanctions By Melanie Nathan, November 21, 2012. We received news today that the Ugandan Parliament has set the second reading of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill for Parliament’s agenda for today, Nov 21.  Note the Ugandan Kill the Gays Bill is at the second reading phase. (see process below.)   That means […]

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Ugandan Hang the Gays Giles Muhame Admits Wrong and Regret

But fails to apologize to the gays and does nothing to make amends to the LGBTI community in Uganda By Melanie Nathan, Oct 10, 2012 In a self serving speech to a journalism class, Giles Muhame, the ex-editor of the Ugandan Rolling Stone Magazine, makes an admission of causing harm to gays and notes his […]

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Uganda’s Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights Slams Minister of Ethics Lokodo for Attacks on Gays

“Until such time as Ethics & Integrity are defined in our Constitution, and the role of the Minister can therefore be properly understood and interpreted, we call for the removal of this Ministry  By Melanie Nathan, August 17, 2012. Uganda’s Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights & Constitutional Law (CSCHRCL) which was  was  honored By […]

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Uganda Gay Activsts Arrested in Unlawful Police Raid at Private Hotel Meeting

See shocking Video as Gay Activists and foreign visitor allies  unlawfully persecuted in Ugandan raid at hotel denotes a great danger for any group holding a peaceful meeting in Uganda Melanie Nathan, June 18, 2012. Police have unlawfully raided a gay rights meeting in Kampala Uganda and arrested LGBTI activists.  The group of sexual minority […]

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Freedom to Roam Uganda on Martyrs Day

Freedom to Roam Uganda,  FARUG, has a powerful message on Uganda’s Martyrs Day. by Melanie Nathan, June 03, 2012. While reading this message I note the great irony;  it is in the name of fundamental and Evangelical Christianity that the LGBT community in Uganda has been persecuted in recent years. The call of certain Christian […]

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Uganda Cannot Sweet Talk Kony 2012 when it wants to Kill Gays

Perhaps Prime Minster Mbabazi should be fair and at the same time alert such celebrities, that if they just happen to be gay, homosexual, lesbian, bisexual and/or transgender, setting foot on Ugandan soil may render them guilty of a crime and subject to death penalty or life in prison; that is if the current Kill the Gays Bill passes into law. Kony 2012 no promo please Amama

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Iraqi Gay and Emo Murders San Francisco Castro to Hold Vigils Protesting

 No genocide in Iraq, Never Again! The World must scream – Americans have a great responsibility By Melanie Nathan, 03/12/2012 Up to a 100 gay and ‘Emo’ youth have been massacred in Iraq, some reports indicate it has been ordered and supported by police and state officials.”  The Government itself seems complicit and that has […]

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Last US Military Convoy Departs Iraq

Reports of Iraqi Gays Kidnapped, Tortured and Murdered

The threats gave the individuals, whose names and ages were listed, four days to stop their behavior or else face the wrath of God, and were to be carried out by the Mujahedin.
According to sources inside Iraq,as reported apparently by IGHLRC, as the result of this new surge of anti-gay violence close to 40 people have been kidnapped, brutally tortured and murdered.

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Gay Zambia | Constitutional Recognition of Non-Discrimination on the Basis of Sexual Orientation

by Charles Zambia, Guest Writer “Gays, lesbians, and bisexuals in Zambia live in constant fear of detention, discrimination in education, employment, housing, and access to services, and extortion – all buttressed by the existence of sections 155 – 157 of the Penal Code and the lack of specific legal protections for LGBT people under Zambian […]

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What is Kofi Annan Doing About LGBTI Human Rights In Africa?

by Melanie Nathan, December 14, 2011 Back in August  2003, then United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan came out in favour of  marriage equality.  LGBTI Africans knew they had a friend in Kofi Annan, who attended part of a LGBTI activist conference held at the United Nations which demanded that international treaties such as the […]

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The Israel Uganda Connection: ‘Never Again’ or ‘We Did not Know?’

B’Vakashah, which is it going to be? by Melanie Nathan, Dec 13, 2011 Rumor has it that former minister and Israeli career politician Rafael “Rafi” Eitan, now 85 years of age, is trying to do business in Uganda, seeking to start an agricultural enterprise. I wonder if Eitan knows that Ugandans are currently ‘scape-goating’ gays, […]

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Adviser to Ugandan President Speaks Against Hillary Clinton’s Pro Gay Tone

by Melanie Nathan, December 11, 2011 Last week Secretary Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama in a statements and  memo, respectively, called for sweeping pro LGBTI foreign policy and human rights recognition, noting emerging assistance for LGBT organizations and asylum seekers, worldwide. Calling discrimination of homosexual and transgender people “one of the remaining human rights […]

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“When governments legitimate persecution – they provide the license for genocide! ” –  Melanie Nathan, International Human Rights Advocate… Nigerian Senate Votes for an Anti-Gay Law by Peter Tatchell  Sweeping criminalization contravenes Article 42 of the Nigerian constitution Same-sex marriage and civil unions to be banned 14 years jail for participants, 10 years jail for […]

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Apartheid Against LGBTI Americans – A View via the Hate Speech Ruling for South African Envoy to Uganda Jon Qwelane

06/02/2011, by Melanie Nathan, When I immigrated to the United States in 1985, I marveled at the U.S. Constitution. It protected everything.   I left a place where it was constitutional to discriminate – in fact it was required that one discern between races when it came to where people could live, who could vote and […]

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Press Conference Rep Mike Honda introduces Bill for Immigration Reform

A Press conference in D.C. on Thursday was attended by Shirley Tan and her family when Mike Honda introduced the  Reuniting Families Act. This legislation would, inter alia,  extend to “permanent partners” the same naturalization rights accorded to spouses under the bill, allowing gay and lesbian Americans to seek legal residency for their immigrant same-sex partners. Although […]

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UAFA Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing

Melanie reporting from D.C. for UAFA Hearings, June 03, 2009. The place is a-buzz as the new Judicial nominee, the soon to be Justice (G-d willing) Sonia Sotomayor does the rounds; senators, press, passers by, it is a sweet time, indeed. President Barack Obama made history when he nominated Sonia Sotomayor, a federal appeals court judge […]

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I’m on my way to UAFA

I am leaving tomorrow for D.C. to attend the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing convened by Senator Leahy.   I will be blogging on a daily basis, albeit cryptic (perhaps.)   I believe and of course stand to be corrected that the Republican members of the committee are only obligated to be present for 15 minutes.   I don’t […]

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An American Family Value – Family Values what are they?

Commens made about Shirley Tan – some are heartless and cruel.

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“Last November, 13,402,566 California voters expressed themselves for or against Proposition 8, …

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Olivia Cruises at the Helm…

 San Francisco Chronicle travel section – please read…..  http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2009/02/08/TRT115BHAC.DTL  Gay marriages – all aboard…

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CALIFORNIA PROP 8 Supreme Court will hear oral argument on 3/5

Good news. California Supreme Court to hear oral argument on the challenge to Prop 8.

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Proposition 8 California

Proposition 8 and the mormon church

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