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Homophobic South African Ex Ambassador to Uganda Back in Court

Why is Qwelane no longer Ambassador to Uganda – why the secrecy? By Melanie Nathan, November 14, 2014. While the Johannesburg High Court must decide whether the Jon Qwelane’s hate speech case and a constitutional challenge to the Equality Act are closely linked enough so that the Court can hear both cases as one, it […]

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by Zapiro

Ambassador to Uganda Qwelane still running from the law

Posted by Melanie Nathan, August 28, 2013 The hate speech case against homophobic journalist Jon Qwelane is set to continue to drag on into its sixth year without finality, notes South African site, MambaOnline: In addition, Qwelane will be challenging the constitutionality of the Equality Act, under which he was convicted, in an effort to […]

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South Africa: DIRCO’s Dithering Defense of Homophobia in Africa

Now is the Time for South Africa to Recall Anti-Gay Ambassador Jon Qwelane from  “Kill-the-Gays-Bill” Uganda – Melanie Nathan’s scathing attack on DIRCO, ZUMA and ANC Administration “In light of Bahati’s Kill-The-Gays Bill, the virulent homophobia so prevalent in Uganda, and the constitutional imperative placed on President Zuma, we call for the immediate recall of […]

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Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill Is Back: Urging South African President Zuma to Take Lead

Breaking News – Uganda’s Kill the Gays Bill Back in Parliament for discussion By Melanie Nathan October 25, 2011 “President Zuma of South Africa must take a leadership role in the decriminalization of Homosexuality in Africa, and more specifically he must speak out vehemently against the Kill the Gays Bill of Uganda, before its too […]

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President Zuma returns the Favor to Qwelane – A Defense on a Silver Platter

06/06/2011 By Melanie Nathan Johannesburg – South Africa’s ambassador to Uganda, Jon Qwelane, will apply for rescission of a judgment in which he was found guilty of hate speech, his lawyers said on Monday.  The known homophobic envoy, a recent President Jacob Zuma (response to favors) appointee to anti-gay Uganda, will not come home from […]

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Apartheid Against LGBTI Americans – A View via the Hate Speech Ruling for South African Envoy to Uganda Jon Qwelane

06/02/2011, by Melanie Nathan, When I immigrated to the United States in 1985, I marveled at the U.S. Constitution. It protected everything.   I left a place where it was constitutional to discriminate – in fact it was required that one discern between races when it came to where people could live, who could vote and […]

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South Africa Ambassador Jon Qwelane Guilty of Anti-Gay Hate Speech

05/31/2011, by Melanie Nathan Back in 2008, Jon Qwelane posted a piece in his column in the Sunday Sun.  Well known to the South African LGBTQI community is the fact that Jon Qwelane, despite protest and outrage, was sent to Uganda as South Africa’s Ambassador to that country. Qwelane, inter alia, writes about the Anglican […]

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