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Activists Execute Eviction Notice at Uganda’s D.C. Embassy

While others pay another visit to Scott Lively… By Cathy Kristofferson, February 24, 2014 Today in Washington D.C. and Springfield, MA – and many other locales worldwide we hope! – activists reacted to this morning’s signing of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill, better known as Kill The Gays, by President Museveni with action. An eviction notice was […]

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Anti-gay Scott Lively Launches Gubernatorial Run

Scott Lively’s campaign motto is “Qualified. Experienced. Electable.”  By Cathy Kristofferson, December 16, 2013 Scott Lively (I-MA) would like to remind everyone that he is still running for Governor of Massachusetts. We presume that his campaign has been suspended while he fights Crimes Against Humanity charges. That pesky trial for persecution on the basis of […]

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Is Uganda’s Kill the Gays Bill Going to be THIS year’s XMAS gift?

So was the promise really for THIS Xmas? Last year around this time Speaker of the Ugandan Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga promised the Anti-Homosexuality Bill as a Xmas gift to Uganda. But it never happened. The controversial Bil, otherwise known a ” kill the Gays Bill”, continued its dirty dance on the Order Papers, Uganda’s Parliamentary […]

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Kidanga , Ssempa and Preachers Praying over Kill The Gays Bahati

Hateful Anti-Gay Video features Ugandan host of U.K. Preacher Paul Shinners

Watch this outrageous Video showing Bishop David Kiganda in the presence of David Bahati declaring Death for Homosexuals. By Melanie Nathan, February 23, 2013. This Video is older news but can now be seen in a different light, when noting that U.K. Preacher Paul Shinners has yet to answer questions about his preaching at the […]

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Controversial Journalist Andrew Mwenda on educating Ugandans to counter homophobia

Andrew Mwenda is still a great ally and an important voice and I do not purport to understand Ugandans better than he does, however I believe strongly that it is time for people in his capacity to introduce a much more productive and proactive route toward the truth about homosexuality for presentation to Ugandans. View […]

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Lying Dykes in Uganda | Pastor Promotes More Hate

By Melanie Nathan, December 17, 2012. After watching Pastor David Dykes from Texas, in the Video below, yet another U.S.A. pastor in Uganda, touting the legislature’s duty to pass the pending Anti-Homosexuality Bill, otherwise dubbed “The Kill the Gays Bill,” my original reaction was to ignore his babble and not give him media time.  However […]

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Ugandan Award Winning Activist Frank Mugisha Joins U.S. Protests

SMUG’s Mugisha protests at the place where Scott Lively Case will be heard. By Melanie Nathan, December 08, 2012. Until recently the Ugandan activists, who could face death or life imprisonment in Uganda, were asking international activists to tread cautiously when protesting the impending passage of the Anti-Homsexuality Bill (AHB).  Protests have now started ramping […]

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Targeting United States Senators complicit with Evangelicals in the export of hate to Uganda to Kill the Gays

By Melanie Nathan, November 26, 2012. Campaign against United States Senators Complicit with Evangelicals in the export of hate to Uganda to kill and imprison gays and lesbians. Americans who believe in the human right to freedom of sexuality, freedom of religion and the equal right to happiness must hold The Family and participating United […]

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United Kingdom cruel response to Ugandan asylum seeker

By Melanie Nathan, November, 23, 2012. When it comes to LGBT Asylum and support against the Anti-homosexuality Bill, the UK is all talk and no real action.  While the United Kingdom’s government  purports to support LGBT asylees, in truth they fail them, certainly when it comes to the Home Office and the consideration that ought […]

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Uganda TV accuses President Obama of threatening sanctions if Anti-Homosexuality Bill passes

U.S. State department denies Obama threatened sanctions By Melanie Nathan, November 21, 2012. We received news today that the Ugandan Parliament has set the second reading of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill for Parliament’s agenda for today, Nov 21.  Note the Ugandan Kill the Gays Bill is at the second reading phase. (see process below.)   That means […]

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Ugandan LGBT Coalition urges extreme caution when foreigners advocate against the Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Action Alert guidelines By Melanie Nathan, November 13, 2012. UPDATED – 11/26/2012 AS AN AMERICAN YOU ASK WHAT CAN I DO? PLEASE SUPPORT THE GetEQUAL Petition- UGANDA Kill The Gays Bill:- Looms before parliament this week. You ask as an American what can you do? I am proud to say that I had the great […]

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Will Barclays Bank speak out against the Ugandan Kill the Gays Bill

By Melanie Nathan, November 10, 2012, As the Kill the Gays Bill heats up for passage, LGBT people who work for  or bank with Barclays Worldwide should be asking their employers to speak out against the impending Anti-Homosexuality Bill which calls for death penalty and  the harsh punishment of homosexuality – before it is too […]

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Video Sexual Abuse of Girls Ignored while Ugandan Government Attacks Gays Instead of Heterosexual Pedophiles

By Melanie Nathan, August 15, 2012. They came to Uganda to preach against homosexuality; the American Evangelical Christians, exporting hate. And they succeeded in influencing legislators to come up with a Bill that has been introduced several times into the Ugandan Parliament, where it continues to languish, known as the Anti-Homosexuality or Kill the Gays […]

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Orombi (left) and MP Bahati during a recent meeting of UJCC. Photo by Mark Owor

Ugandan Church Leaders Call for Quick Passage of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill

The religious leaders called on Parliament to expedite the passing of the Anti-homosexuality Bill into law to combat same-sex marriages which threats the moral fabric of the Ugandan society.

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museveni voters

Ugandan President Museveni tries to Down Play Kill the Gays Bill

By Melanie Nathan, April 19, 2012. The Ugandan President Museveni was interviewed by Christiane Amanpour where  he down played the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, otherwise known as the ‘Kill the Gays Bill,’ by asserting it applies to exhibitionism only. Whether the man is ill informed or  an out and out liar, he was unprepared for a persistent […]

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U.S. Federal Lawsuit Filed by Uganda Sexual Minorities Group vs Scott Lively

A Ugandan gay rights group filed suit against notorious American evangelist, Scott Lively, in federal court in Massachusetts on Wednesday, accusing him of violating international law by inciting the persecution of homosexuals in Uganda. According to an Article by Laurie Goodstein in the New York Times

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Ugandan President Museveni Warns Obama and Cameron on Promotion of Homosexuality

My Response to the Ugandan President’s London Interview as noted in Ugandan Daily Monitor. By Melanie Nathan, 02/26/2012 The President of Uganda Yoweri Museveni says Uganda “does not persecute gays, but resents promotion of gay activities.” According to the Uganda Monitor, this is the first time the President, who was in London for a one-day […]

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Barclays Bank Must Speak out Against Criminalization of Homosexuality in Uganda and Africa

Or stop being hypocrites by displaying diversity programs on your websites….  LGBT people who work for Barclays worldwide should be asking their employers to speak out against criminalization of homosexuality before it is too late!  This applies to all doing business in Africa! By Melanie Nathan, February 21, 2012, (I first wrote this piece on […]

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Uganda Persecution of Gays Starts before the Kill the Gays Bill Passage

Do Western Activists have a role? This Article explores that question only in part, intending to set up the discussion. By Melanie Nathan, Feb 19, 2012 It seems as if the Ugandan Minister Lokodo thinks he has the right to autocratically order arrests of gays and lesbians before the new  (anti-gay) law in Uganda that […]

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Gays as Accidental Anti-Gay Tourists in Africa – The Lioness and the Wallet

By Melanie Nathan, 01/05/2012 When we as Western tourists go to Africa, we go to view nature – to visit tribal villages, to see the dance and hear song; we sit eagerly at waterholes waiting for the lioness to pounce the unsuspecting deer, while the landscape and the vast bush yields to the pristine African […]

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Ugandan Diaspora Gays Condemn Buturo’s Anti-homosexuality Attack on Clinton

Science is not a Western import; The only import from the West was the Church of Scott lively and its hate rhetoric – By Melanie Nathan, Jan 03, 2012; Recently Dr James Nsaba Buturo, the resigned Ethic minister from Uganda,  made public statements in response to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s international LGBTI rights speech, […]

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Uganda Scapegoats Homosexuality as 14 Women Die in Childbirth on Xmas Day

by Melanie Nathan; December 26, 2011 Somehow I think the anti-homosexuality strategy on natural order and defilement needs a dramatic overhaul. Xmas is a day of joy and childbirths are highlighted as part of that joy, often heralding religious connotations and meaning.  But it is not that way for many as the day brought darkness […]

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Uganda Opinion Poll

The Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill  was intorduced by MP David Bahati as a Private Member’s Bill on 13 October proposing that a new offence be created in Uganda named “aggravated homosexuality” which would be punishable as a capital offence. The Billincluded plans to introduce the death penalty for gay adults who had sex with those of […]

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What is Kofi Annan Doing About LGBTI Human Rights In Africa?

by Melanie Nathan, December 14, 2011 Back in August  2003, then United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan came out in favour of  marriage equality.  LGBTI Africans knew they had a friend in Kofi Annan, who attended part of a LGBTI activist conference held at the United Nations which demanded that international treaties such as the […]

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The Israel Uganda Connection: ‘Never Again’ or ‘We Did not Know?’

B’Vakashah, which is it going to be? by Melanie Nathan, Dec 13, 2011 Rumor has it that former minister and Israeli career politician Rafael “Rafi” Eitan, now 85 years of age, is trying to do business in Uganda, seeking to start an agricultural enterprise. I wonder if Eitan knows that Ugandans are currently ‘scape-goating’ gays, […]

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Uganda’s LGBTI Leaders Speak Passionately for their Human Rights

by Melanie Nathan, Dec 10,2011 Calls for Dignity and Justice for all :   Reject the Anti-homosexuality bill  ( Kill the gays Bill) that is still pending, as this would further heighten the witch-hunt of LGBTI persons and make it impossible for us to live freely and safely in our country. The Ugandan LGBTI leadership […]

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South Africa: DIRCO’s Dithering Defense of Homophobia in Africa

Now is the Time for South Africa to Recall Anti-Gay Ambassador Jon Qwelane from  “Kill-the-Gays-Bill” Uganda – Melanie Nathan’s scathing attack on DIRCO, ZUMA and ANC Administration “In light of Bahati’s Kill-The-Gays Bill, the virulent homophobia so prevalent in Uganda, and the constitutional imperative placed on President Zuma, we call for the immediate recall of […]

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UK to Deport Uganda Gay Man, Robert Segwanyi, despite Torture and Risk to his Life

July 08, 2011, by Melanie Nathan, On June 20, 2010, Robert Segwanyi fled Uganda, seeking asylum in the United Kingdom, weeks after having been tortured for ‘homosexuality.’ Indicative of  arbitrary verdicts, broken systems, and the inadequacies of  refugee status/ asylum laws in the United Kingdom and across the world, the UK Border Agency has made […]

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