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Calling on Andrew Sullivan to Boycott the Maggie Gallagher Debate

Let us declare  Maggie Gallagher –  ‘marriage equality irrelevant’- By Melanie Nathan, March 29, 2012 I received an invitation to attend what is touted by organizers as the “media debate of the year ”  to be held at  Lee Chapel, at Washington & Lee University, Lexington, VA – a debate on marriage equality between Maggie […]

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NOM Exposed | Time to Kill their Anti-Gay Press

NOM is currently being investigated by the State of Maine with regards to possible campaign finance violations, resulting in the revelation of documents they attempted to keep from the public eye. But now they have been exposed!

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NOM Rally for Hate in New York against Same-Sex Marriage

Whining about “lost” rights – the anti-gay group NOM simply cannot stand that Equality is an American value! So they have decided to protest  same-sex marriages  which will start in New York  State on July 24th. Imagine the thinking my equality is Maggie Gallaghers’s lost right! Via Joe My God: “NOM has announced that it […]

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Miss California and Donald Trump use President Obama as a shield for their bigotry and to clear and smear…

Donald Trump, Carrie Prejean, the Miss USA Pageant conducted a press conference today, to clear Ms. California and smear equality for America’s lesbian and gay community. Trump and Perjean purported to align to President Obama’s position and statement on gay marriage.  The conference was used as a platform (mmm maybe he was thinking Rosie – vendetta-in his overt endorsement […]

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