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Tiny violins for Newt and the oppression of his new-found Catholicism

By Cathy Kristofferson, May 05, 2013. First off – Happy Cinco de Mayo! I saw a headline just now – “Gingrich: LGBT rights fight ‘one sided’ because Catholics are oppressed too”.  Oh, really.  Wonder what in Heaven’s name Newt is whining about now? Then I saw this quote: “But what I’m struck with is the […]

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Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. on Meet the Press 1965 Watch Video

Ned Brooks on NBC’s meet the Press in 1965 with guest Dr. Martin Luther King Jnr., from San Francisco after he delivered his sermon at Grace Cathedral.  A must watch video below will remind us on this important day of the force of the Civil Rights movement and what it takes to bring change. MLK […]

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