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NAACP Outrage as Jury finds Zimmerman not guilty in Trayvon Martin murder

By Melanie Nathan, July 13, 2013 In the midst of the not guilty verdict a few hours ago, in the George Zimmerman trial for the murder of Trayvon Martin, the NAACP is calling for justice in the case. Here is a letter which they have sent to supporters:- Melanie , A jury in Sanford, Florida […]

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I am a real person and so are my kids

My kids are real….

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I just received an email addressed probably to all of President Obama’s supporters asking for support on health care.  I am not lending my suupport to anything until I get the promised repeal of DOMA.  As selfish as it sounds, I am sick of our community being taken for granted. Use us and then abuse […]

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Senator Jeff Sessions – it is more than words – UAFA reporting from D.C. Shirley Tan et al,

QUOTE: ANDREW SULLIVAN -”The premise of the marriage waiver – and of all immigration law in the US – is that tearing families or married couples apart should be avoided at all costs. But bi-national gay married couples now have to face exactly that choice between spouse and country that the US has always avoided. […]

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Senator Sessions, UAFA – a man about hate…..

Julian Bond of NAACP testifies with Shirley Tan, Chris Nugent, Gordon Stewart at the behest of Senator Patrick Leahy -Melanie Nathan reports from UAFA hearing in D.C. Senatoir Jeff Sessions is a racist, a woman hater and now he is the ranking GOP member on the Senate Judiciary Committee…see Videos Of Tan hearing and Rachel MAddow

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