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GOP Gay Presidential Candidate Calls on Romney, Santorum, Gingrich to Renounce NOM Pledges March 30, 2012 See Maggie Gallagher try and Defend her Race Baiting  By Melanie Nathan, March 30, 2012 TOWSON, MARYLAND – In a speech at Towson University last night,openly gay Republican Presidential candidate Fred Karger issued a challenge to three of the [...]

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Predicting the Streets of San Francisco

  by Melanie Nathan, Dec 27, 2011 Just sayin’…. San Francisco is a hot-bed for LGBTQI activism – we know that!  Its history amazes and amuses, it is queer personified and its is eclectic till the next ‘Big One’ and then eclectic again. It rises above ashes and ruins and it tumbles down and comes [...]

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reBlog from lezgetreal.com: Please Mr. President No Mere Nods; we have our Vehicle to Repeal DOMA Now!

I wrote this for LGR BLOG today:                                               In your acknowledgment herein-below of our de facto existence is it not time to equate with more than a mere nod, with our de jure rights?lezgetreal.com, Please Mr. President No Mere Nods – we have our Vehicle to Repeal DOMA Now!, Sep 2009 You should read the whole [...]

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