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SCOTUS Affordable Care Act Decision Impacts LGBT America

LGBT Group Praises SCOTUS Decision on Affordable Care Act Posted by Melanie Nathan, June 25, 20915. In a 6-3 decision, a decisive victory for President Obama, the Supreme Court on Thursday upheld the broad reach of the new healthcare law, ruling the government may continue to provide tax subsidies for low- and middle-income people who buy […]

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American Epitaph: Meet the Fabulous 3

Shutdown the U.S. Government?

By Melanie Nathan, October 12, 2013. I may have been seen to be silent as this is not an issue that OBLOGDEE tends to write about. However I have been somewhat vocal on social media. I personally think the shutdown of the U.S. government boils down to the racist Tea Party control of the Republican […]

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