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Oslo Declaration on Criminal Prosecutions for HIV/AIDS non-disclosure

By Melanie Nathan, 03/13/2012 Groups working  around the world to end inappropriate criminal prosecutions for HIV/AIDS non-disclosure, potential exposure and non-intentional transmission,  came together in Oslo, Norway on 13 February 2012 to create the Oslo Declaration on HIV Criminalization. The Declaration provides a clear roadmap for policymakers and criminal justice system actors to ensure a […]

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Asking King of Norway to save Gay Iraqi Man Azad from Deportation to Iraq

by Melanie Nathan, Dec 29, 2011. Updated: Petition Started on change.org see below.  Outrageous reasons to deport gay man from Norway;  save Azad , a young homosexual man, from deportation back to Iraq. The High Court in Oslo, Norway has turned down the application for political asylum after being  petitioned by Azad, a 33 year […]

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Christian Fundamentalist Arrested in Norway Mass Murder

July 23, 2011, by Melanie Nathan, Not knowing too much about Norway, other than my impression as to its liberal acceptance of life, I was intrigued to note that  the man who has been arrested for staging Friday’s bomb attack in Norway‘s capital Oslo and a random shooting at a youth camp on the Utoya […]

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An Act of Political Accomplishment or Mere Music –

From the International Summer School’s 2009 International Cultural Evening. Music composed and performed by Alex Molchanov (Russia) who celebrates being able to come out since his great-grandfather – Tchaikovsky could not.

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