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One Hundredth Anniversary of South Africa’s Native Land Act of 1913

And then Hello Apartheid…. By Melanie Nathan, June 19, 2013. June 19th 2013 is the 100th anniversary of the now defunct Natives Land Act, 1913 (subsequently renamed Bantu Land Act, 1913 and Black Land Act, 1913; Act No. 27 of 1913) which was an act of the Parliament of South Africa aimed at regulating the […]

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Call to Boycott Olympics in homophobic Russia reminds of Apartheid South Africa

“If they feel strongly about human rights they should boycott the Olympics in Sochi.” By Cathy Kristofferson, June 18, 2013 RUSA LGBT, a Russian-Speaking American LGBTQ group in New York City, is calling for a boycott of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. The lower house of the Russian Duma  last week unanimously passed their […]

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As the U.S. waits on SCOTUS Durban lesbian wedding speaks volumes

Ziningi & Delisile Ndlela just married – Durban June 15, 2013. By Melanie Nathan June 17, 2013. While the United States struggles, state by state, to allow legal marriages between same-sex couples and while the United States waits with bated breath to see if any of its nine justices agree that marriage equality must be […]

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P.E. Herald Publishes Hate Ad designed to intimidate Gay Community

By Melanie Nathan, June 12, 2013. UPDATED 6/13/20123. P.E. Herald took swift action in  Apologizing to the South African Gay Community for an Ad that was placed on page 3 of their print publication: “The Herald Port Elizabeth – The Herald distances itself from the contents of this advert which goes against the basic tenets […]

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Remembering Mandela’s 1962 Creative Cry to the World

By Melanie Nathan, June 12, 2013. At the time of the 1962 trial of Nelson Mandela, one of a few, South Africans who were not white, and who comprised the majority of the population, were not allowed to vote. This was because Apartheid excluded black South Africans from this basic right to equality.  When reading […]

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Man-Up or die murderer marries in court moments after testimony about torture he inflicted on teen

COURT ON MAY 30 – Killer De Koker (right) allowed to marry Marais, moments after testimony in the death of Raymond Buys, on life support for 2  weeks after torture at the hands of de Koker By Melanie Nathan, May 30, 2013. Compare the two photos. One is the victim photographed in his hospital bed, […]

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Armed Police at trial as right wing militia support “Man-Up” murder accused in South Africa

Accused murderer fears for his life in prison after assault By Melanie Nathan, May 28, 2013. The trial of the Afrikaner right wing extremist, accused of murdering  a young man who was sent to his camp to “man up” commenced in Vereeniging, South Africa, yesterday and is set to continue through the next few days, […]

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SA Lesbian minister has her day in court

By Melanie Nathan, May 22, 2013. We reported earlier this week about the impending case before the Cape Town High Court of Lesbian minister Ecclesia de Lange, who was fired by the Methodist Church because she married a woman, before the church had taken a decision on same-sex marriage. The case was heard through the […]

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Can there be a new politicized Johannesburg Pride

Revamping the dream for an all inclusive politicized Pride By Melanie Nathan. May 20, 2013. This Press Release passed our desk, in what seems to be a follow up to the very controversial events surrounding Johannesburg Pride over this past year and its subsequent cancellation: New Committee to Organise People’s Pride Johannesburg on 5 Oct. […]

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Cape High Court to hear case by Lesbian Reverend against Methodist Church

A modern day David and Goliath | Rev. Ecclesia de Lange, a South African open lesbian will face her once employer and now adversary in the Cape High Court. By Melanie Nathan, May 19, 2013. In 2010 when Rev de Lange announced to her congregation that she was going to marry her same-sex partner, her […]

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Call to SA Government Task Team for action on rape of lesbians

AND HOMOPHOBIC VIOLENCE | PETITION: It is time to invigorate the sleeping SA Task Task team – we must fight the violence with transparency and a plan By Melanie Nathan,  May 14, 2013 Activists in South Africa are calling for immediate invigoration, transparency and action by the Task Team that was established to combat so […]

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Ex-Gay extremists try to defend their exploits by distancing their quackery from murderered teen

Andre Bekker, Richard Cohen and Christopher Doyle | While their modus operandi may be different to accused murderer de Koker, their ideology stinks the same stink! By Melanie Nathan, May 01, 2013. A South African, Andre Bekker, who proclaims to be an  ex-gay and an authority on converting gays,  teamed up with tired extremists in […]

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Makhutle Family still waiting for justice for Thapelo as murder case postponed again

Video report – Brutal murder of gay volunteer in South Africa – confessed accused in court and insight into the life of the murder victim by Melanie Nathan, May, 01, 2013. Thapelo Makhutle, a member and volunteer of LEGBO, was brutally murdered on 9 June 2012, and almost a year later, despite a confession from […]

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South African lesbian community mourns another brutal township murder

By Melanie Nathan, April 26, 2013. In the very week when the South African LGBT community paid tribute in KwaThema to comrades fallen in violent homophobic attacks, and called for justice in the 2 year unsolved murder of Noxolo Nogwaza, another lesbian was murdered in Daveyton*, a nearby Township. The body of Patricia Mashego, 36,  […]

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Raymond Buys starved and tortured murdered by de Koker, on his death bed

Man up or die | murders of effeminate teens at South African Ranger Training Camp

Were they murdered for being gay? A picture of a beaten dying teen, a picture of a Nazi-like flag – and in between a Game Ranger Camp to make “Moffies” into men By Melanie Nathan . April 25, 2013. Look at this photograph and imagine a 15 year old effeminate teen being sent” by his mother […]

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Fallen lesbians and gays remembered amidst calls for justice

By Melanie Nathan, April 24, 2013. Today, April  24, on the two year anniversary of the brutal rape and murder of 24 year old  LGBT activist, Noxolo Nogwaza,  a day of remembrance was held at Ekhaya Center (PicknPay), Kwa-Thema, a short distance from where Noxolo’s body was found, while activists called on the South African […]

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And still no justice for lesbian Noxolo Nogwaza | let the world remember with a call for action

Please show solidarity on April 24th with Tweets and Facebook messages for Noxolo By Melanie Nathan, April 22, 2013 April 24, 2013 marks the two year anniversary of the brutal death of Noxolo Nogwaza.  In 2011, twenty-four year old Noxolo Nogwaza,  a South African lesbian and LGBT rights activist, the organizer of the Ekurhuleni Pride […]

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U.S. Fordham and University of Pretoria formalize exchange of students

Editor’s Post, April 21, 2013. Fordham and the University of Pretoria formalized their relationship with a memorandum of understanding that allows for the exchange of students and faculty, joint research, and the exchange of scientific and educational literature, the universities have announced. Stephen Freedman, Ph.D., provost and professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at Fordham, […]

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Gay Professor Murdered in Norwood | Carl Mischke More than just another number

By Melanie Nathan, April 18, 2013. Prof C Mischke, Faculty of Law, Department of Mercantil, University of Johannesburg An accomplished Professor of law, Carl Mischke, was brutally murdered this week in Norwood, a suburb of Johannesburg where I spent my teens.  Like me he too was a member of the Johannesburg’s LGBTI community and also […]

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Trial date set for 3 Accused in Murder of South African Gay Man

As more killings of Gay men continue to plague the area By Melanie Nathan, April 18, 2013 Three men, believed to be part of a gang targeting gay men in a series of murders were arrested, charged and now a trial date has been set in the murder of gay man Barney van Heerden, from […]

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Gay Professor Ninth Victim of South African Serial Murders of Gay Men

By Melanie Nathan, April 18, 2013. Norwood – South African press is reporting that  a University of Johannesburg professor of law, might be the ninth victim in a series of serial murders of gay men. The latest victim is Dr Carl Mischke, 47, whose body was discovered on Monday morning, laying on his bed, face […]

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South African Government condemns attacks on gays as custom and constitution clash

By Melanie Nathan, April 14, 2013. The ANC South African government on Saturday condemned all forms of violence against homosexuals following the assault of a gay man in a Cape Town township.  However one incident used to spark the warnings involved aspects of custom that may without education continue to be the root cause of […]

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Mr Gay Namibia ties knot with man from Botswana

Because of criminalization of homosexuality they must live only as “friends” in home countries By Melanie Nathan, April 12, 2013. Last year’s winner and current Mr. Gay Namibia, Ricardo Amunjera married his partner Marc Themba from Botswana. The civil ceremony took place in Johannesburg, South Africa where same-sex marriage is legal. The men wed last […]

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South African Arts Academy guilty of human rights violations by claiming gay cure

By Melanie Nathan, April 09, 2013. In January we reported that an Arts School in Bloemfontein, South Africa, claimed in its prospectus that it could cure homosexual students. We reported that a “South African Christian arts academy, Creare Training Centre may be breaking the law by advertising that it can “cure” homosexual students, and that […]

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Breaking ground in South Africa with a traditional Zulu gay wedding

By Melanie Nathan, April 07, 2013. South Africa is a leader in the world of equality, enjoying an all inclusive constitution, where same-sex marriage is legal and discrimination against LGBTI people outlawed. However that has not stopped homophobia and fear to embrace LGBTI South Africans as fully equal. This video  and the report of the […]

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South Africa’s newest political party against homophobia | Agang

“But again we haven’t educated people to understand that being orientated sexually in a particular way is not a crime,”  Mamphela Ramphele, By Melanie Natha. March 09, 2013. South Africa is a democratic country with one party that dominates the state.  The African National Congress (ANC), has been holding power, with wide margins, since the […]

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Remember Me When I’m gone

By Melanie Nathan, March 09, 2013. Inkanyiso is a South African website which was conceptualized by internationally renowned photographer, award winning documentary filmmaker and  visual activist,  Zanele Muholi in 2006.
 In 2009, Muholi registered the organization with Department of Social Services in South Africa. It was in response to the lack of visual histories and […]

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No Justice for Thandiswa Qubuda as Rape capital South Africa releases gang of rapists with no bail

The high incidence of rape in South Africa has yet to see protests on the scale of that experienced in India. After all if the statistics are one in four women raped – how many men are there left to protest? Most are perpetrators.By Melanie Nathan, February 27, 2013. UPDATED: Reports that Thandiswa Qubuda Passed […]

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Despite criminalization homosexual acts Botswana educates through LGBTI film festival

By Melanie Nathan, February, 25, 2013. Last week the small Southern African country of Botswana saw a highly unusual and courageous event.  In a country that criminalizes homosexual acts, a film festival was held at the University of Botswana to educate the community on same-gender relationships. According to a report in the local Monitor publication, […]

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Ugandan Speaker Kadaga speaks out on violence against women at Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians Conference

Are lesbians not women too? CALLING SPEAKER OUT IN AFRICA AS A HYPOCRITE by Melanie Nathan, February 20, 2013. Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature hosts the fifth Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians’ (CWP) Africa Region conference8 Feb 2013. Delegates and observers of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association attended a the Commonwealth Women Parliamentary (CWP) Conference,  in East London, South […]

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