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Shirley Tan -Jay Mercado and the Twins visit the White House

When all was lost and there was no “next step” for Shirley Tan, about to be deported  within mere weeks, Molly McKay of Marriage Equality called my office to see if I could be of assistance.   Unfortunately Shirley’s was a losing case and she was told that there was nothing anyone could do to help […]

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Ask your Congress Members to Redeem Themselves….

      This is what we need to see more of – We should urge all those who voted for DOMA to now co-sponsor its repeal under the new Respect for Marriage Act introduced this week by Rep. Jerrold Nadler.     Proudly changing my position on DOMA (Rep. Earl Blumenauer  By Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) […]

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The Lady in the Wheelchair and the Apartheid for Gay America

Today on TV (highlighted by Keith Olberman) I saw a woman who was seriously disabled, trying to express her needs regarding health care reform at a town hall meeting. She was heckled and treated in the most disgusting fashion, by her fellow Americans. For some reason it served as a metaphor for my article today; […]

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Congresswoman Jackie Speier Provides Valuable Opinion on UAFA

By Melanie Nathan, July 31, 2009 Perhaps more of our congressional representatives would be willing to do what Congresswoman Jackie Speier did for the LGBT community today.  The Congresswoman, a Democrat from California’s 12th district called a meeting today of the LGBT leadership in San Francisco. With not much notice a core group of leaders, […]

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Asian and Pacific Islander Organizations – Ask for Immigration Reform

API ORGANIZATIONS IN CALIFORNIA UNITE TO DEMAND FAIR & HUMANE IMMIGRATION REFORM August 20, 2009 -LOS ANGELES, CA – In Historic Filipinotown, Asian and Pacific Islander (API) organizations called on the Obama Administration and Congress for enact fair and humane comprehensive immigration reform. In simultaneous press conferences held in Los Angeles and San Francisco, community leaders […]

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AJR 15 -California on its way in Support of UAFA

Today, together with Gina Capiro, I had the great honor of providing testimony on behalf of the thousands of binational same-sex partners, for Resolution AJR 15 which in essence will serve to provide California‘s legislature’s support of the Uniting American Families Act and equality in the immigration laws of the US, for same-sex permanent partners.  A […]

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Congratulations Amos Community Hero

I have had the great pleasure of working with Amos and really enjoyed his company this past weekend when we attended the OCA conference in San Francisco.  Amos is so easy to work with and a wealth of knowledge.  Its almost as if his name is synonymous with LGBT immigration equality.  Congratulations to Out4Immigration founding […]

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Why Healthcare has Impacted Uniting American Families Act… because it has in essence halted Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Not unpredictable – says Melanie Nathan, author of this post!     Press Conference – Mexico- Today President Obama confirmed some of my fears in so far as they relate to Uniting American Families Act – UAFA and comprehensive immigration reform (CIR).   “I’ve got a lot on my plate and it’s very important for us […]

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Comments about UAFA- do not be put off – be motivated

Congress can and will have a new attitude toward UAFA – but it is not going to happen until we empower our community to make appointments with their representatives in every district, to show up with their own stories asking for help and if they do not need help, then to show up with the stories of other constituents. Congress will buzz if the dialogue between Rep and Constituent is prevalent and persistent. Until this constituent push happens the D.C. insider intelligence is meaningless. If congress has not taken the issue on after we do this, then I will succumb to the current D.C. Intelligence.

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Human Rights Campaign adds UAFA and RFA Speakers

Thanks to HRC for the recent additions of Political speakers, Rep Mike Honda and Rep Jerold Nadler on program for the San Francisco Gala event scheduled for June 25th.  Both are champions of LGBT immigration equality.

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Again – Again and Again but are we following the right path?

Read this Article in full at;-   http://www.metroweekly.com/gauge/?ak=4388 at http://www.Metroweekly.com Then please come back and read my highlighted section and comment… thanks, I am highlighting the following part of the Report – those in the “know” please comment…. or anyone for that matter!! “Sadly, Joe and Steve’s case is not unique. Immigration Equality, with offices in […]

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Land of the FREE

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The Devil suggests: “Binationals you may get screwed”

MY DEVIL IS ADVOCATING ………   IMMIGRATION EQUALITY (.org) is calling for support of RFA Reuniting Families Act)  The Reuniting Families Act (H.R. 2709)  because it includes Lesbian and Gays.  In this article when I refer to CIR  I include RFA http://hosted.vresp.com/404947/1f3d6f0ec5/135453617/57f5af7acc/   If the devil did not advocate, success would go unappreciated.  My hope is for the […]

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This is why we must focus on UAFA – not sure theat CIR will make it…

Somehow I think (opinion only) that UAFA stands more chance than CIR.  I have many reasons for thinking this.  I will gather my thoughts and keep reporting back, Melanie Nathan June 22, 2009 Daniela Securanza reports  at http://whitehouse.blogs.foxnews.com/2009/06/22/immigration-back-on-the-burner-on-thursday-at-least/ Immigration back on the burner on Thursday, at least (Washington) The White House conceded Monday that getting comprehensive […]

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Shirley Tan and Family to March with Out4Immigration at San Francisco Pride 2009

Press release:- Shirley Tan and Family to March with Out4Immigration at San Francisco Pride 2009 Pacifica family and Out4Immigration seek equal immigration rights for LGBT families and passage of the Uniting American Families Act (UAFA) By Marina DiCerbo Tuesday, June 23, 2009 Photo taken by  Melanie Nathan. San Francisco, CA—June 23, 2009—Shirley Tan, her partner […]

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Shirley Tan will testify at California State Capital

Melanie Nathan and the Month of Pride with Shirley Tan, Jay Mercado out4immigration

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No thanks needed …the work goes on and our community thanks is our community’s help- Call your reps in support of Immigration Reform and UAFA!

Shirley, Jay & Melanie,  I wanted to drop you a quick note and thank you, so much, for joining us in Washington last week and for all of your amazing efforts on behalf of Immigration Equality.  The past week was the most momentous in our country’s history for binational couples, and you were all an […]

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Press Conference Rep Mike Honda introduces Bill for Immigration Reform

A Press conference in D.C. on Thursday was attended by Shirley Tan and her family when Mike Honda introduced the  Reuniting Families Act. This legislation would, inter alia,  extend to “permanent partners” the same naturalization rights accorded to spouses under the bill, allowing gay and lesbian Americans to seek legal residency for their immigrant same-sex partners. Although […]

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The UAFA Hearings Behind the scenes

          Jashley Jorienne contemplate their future. THis video cannot be copy used without permission.       But link here by all means.  

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Senator Jeff Sessions – it is more than words – UAFA reporting from D.C. Shirley Tan et al,

QUOTE: ANDREW SULLIVAN -“The premise of the marriage waiver – and of all immigration law in the US – is that tearing families or married couples apart should be avoided at all costs. But bi-national gay married couples now have to face exactly that choice between spouse and country that the US has always avoided. […]

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see New York Times Article Melanie Nathan Keeping you posted from D.C.

http://www.nytimes.com/2009/06/03/us/politics/03immig.html?_r=1&hpw Big News- New York Times Article.

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UAFA Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing

Melanie reporting from D.C. for UAFA Hearings, June 03, 2009. The place is a-buzz as the new Judicial nominee, the soon to be Justice (G-d willing) Sonia Sotomayor does the rounds; senators, press, passers by, it is a sweet time, indeed. President Barack Obama made history when he nominated Sonia Sotomayor, a federal appeals court judge […]

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BREAKING NEWS UAFA- Senate Judiciary committee releases hearing Witness list

UAFA witness list announced

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n Virginia, The Air is different and the weather is hopeful for UAFA-Uniting American Families Act

About being in Reston, VA, so close to the HILL… Capitol Hill, D.C. It is as if I feel the political energy, almost like a different air to breathe, one that requires aclimation- that said, I want to thank everyone who sent me emails and the Tan Mercado family cards, notes, emails of encouragement and […]

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Breaking Shirley Tan Invited to UAFA Hearing

By Melanie Nathan – Breaking – Today,  1.30 PM. Senator Leahy , (D-VT) extended an invitation to Shirley Tan to testify at the UAFA hearing on June 3rd before the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Shirley Tan, her wife Jay and their twelve year old twinsons, together with ‘yours truly’  will be traveling next week to DC for the hearings […]

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 California Supreme Court ruling on Proposition 8 Statement from California Democratic Party Chairman John Burton : “Today’s decision, while heartbreaking, doesn’t end the historic struggle for marriage equality. It renews our dedication to making sure all California families can again enjoy the dignity, commitment and responsibility of marriage. I commend the California Supreme Court for […]

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Another Breaking News…. UAFA – Senator Leahy

10. 41 AM PDT ;  Senator Leahy’s office announced today that there will be a hearing in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding Uniting American Families Act (UAFA).  Please stay tuned.      Scheduled for June 03, 2009 in D.C. I will be travelling to DC to attend.                                                                                            NOTICE OF COMMITTEE HEARING The Senate Committee on the Judiciary […]

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As we speak…our brothers and sister are being detained, in this the “Land of the Free”

I personally can name two binational partners/spouses who are being held in ICE detention. If they were legally able to marry their same-sex permanent partner or if  their marriages recognized, by Federal Law, (i.e. no Defense of Marriage Act) their same-sex spouse would have the right to petition for them to stay in the USA.  […]

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Queercents shuts down new blogger’s first blog to comments….

What makes me mad   Have you ever heard of an editor closing the comments down on a Blogger’s  post?  Serena Editor of QueerCents did just that, and I quote:  “Serena Says:  May 7th, 2009 at 12:47 pm  Editor’s Note: Due to the nature of many of the comments on this thread, comments have been […]

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College Football and UAFA

Why does Congress put matters of footbal ahead of immigrations equality? I don’t get it. Why is UAFA legislation not on the floor as a priority? I don’t get it!

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