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First U.S. President to Speak at the African Union

Did President Obama Snub Uganda because of its Anti-Homosexuality Stance?

By Melanie Nathan, July 29, 2015. The Ugandan media has named the issue of homosexuality as a reason President Obama may have snubbed Uganda by not visiting that country while on his recent trip to Africa.  The President visited only two countries; Ethiopia and Kenya. I think that President Obama did not overlook Uganda. I […]

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If Animals are gay then it is not unnatural

Ugandan President Museveni Receives Gay Animals Book for Xmas Present

German Dating Group Blasts the Ugandan Myth that homosexuality is unnatural By Melanie Nathan, December 24, 2014. The German online dating company Gleichklang.de has sent a book on homosexuality in animals to the president of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni. “Biological Exuberance – Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity”, which was written by the Canadian biologist Bruce Bagemihl. […]

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Ugandan Gay couple Joseph Kayizzi and Rashid

Gay Refugee Couple from Uganda Land Safely in Canada

A Thanksgiving story – with a special thanks to those who contributed to the Relief Fund that has helped many survive unspeakable hardship By Melanie Nathan, November 26, 2014. Its been a long hard road for Kayizzi Joseph Kizito and his partner of one and half years, Rashid, a young gay couple from Uganda, who […]

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Yoweri Museveni Changes his mind on Anti-Homosexuality Law?

Ugandan President Museveni Pens Editorial in New Stance on Anti-Gay Legislation

Museveni Changes the words but keeps the tune…..” the man who chases two animals while hunting, ends up with failing to kill any” By Melanie Nathan, October 03, 2014. Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni wrote a piece published in two Ugandan News Magazines, indicating that he has new thoughts about the onerous anti-homosexuality legislation, which he […]

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Did Yoweri Museveni Hire a US Lobby firm to Improve his Image in the West

OK LOL – seriously? Is that how dictators hold on these days?  I wonder how those poor women who have sold themselves into prostitution to feed their kids feel about THIS allocation of funds?  If I am wrong please let me know…. By Melanie Nathan, AUG 06, 2014, I have unconfirmed reports that President Yoweri […]

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Obama reneges on Uganda sanctions with invitation to LGBT abuser Museveni

Does Obama’s fear of Chinese in Africa excuse him from his promise of sanctions for gays? By Melanie Nathan, July 01, 2014. The U.S. President, Barack Obama, seems to have gone ahead with an invitation to the “first abuser” of LGBT Uganda’s human rights, despite his promise to blacklist all such abusers from entering the […]

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World Bank Postpones $90 Million Loan to Uganda Over Anti-Gay Law

Western anger over the newly signed anti-homosexuality law in Uganda has triggered a sharp fall in Uganda’s shilling currency, leading the central bank to intervene for two days in a row. By Melanie Nathan, February 27, 2014. Reuters is reporting that the World Bank has postponed a $90 million loan to Uganda’s health system over […]

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Ruling South African Party Blocks Motion Condemning Uganda for Anti-Gay Bill

Silence = death! Shame on South Africa’s President Zuma and the ruling ANC Party. By Melanie Nathan, February 25, 2014. The South African Government has yet to come out with a definitive stand, condemning Uganda for its anti-Homosexuality Bill. South Africa, has an all inclusive full equality constitution which includes LGBTI people. The country is […]

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Ugandan President Museveni Signs Kill the Gays Bill

 “A dark cloud has fallen over my beautiful country, I cannot hold my tears!” By Melanie Nathan, February 24, 2014. On Monday February 24, 2014, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni signed the Kill the Gays Bill, despite pleas around the Globe asking him to refrain. The media was notified with individual calls from the Sate House, […]

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Ugandan President agrees that anti-gay Red Pepper Tabloid is bad news

Museveni ‘under pressure to ban’ Red Pepper In an article by Grace Natabaalo it is revealed that Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has revealed that he is under pressure to ban local tabloids such as Red Pepper for exposing nudity. “We could have closed it but because of the pressure by western powers about the free […]

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Ugandan President Museveni seems to make case against Anti-Homosexuality Bill in visit with Kerry Kennedy

The Ugandan Parliamentarians should note that the President of Uganda makes the case that Anti–gay legislation is unnecessary  By Melanie Nathan, March 19, 2013. According to Ugandan press, a delegation of USA human rights activists, led by Kerry Kennedy, the president of the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights, met with Ugandan […]

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Ugandan Bishop Attacked by Anti-Gay Makerere University Students

For statements deemed pro-gay By Melanie Nathan, February 16, 2013. Bishop Zac Niringiye, the retired assistant Bishop of Kampala, known as the leader of the controversial “Black Monday” Movement, was giving presentation to students at Makerere University, Kampala, when a a group of angry anti-gay Christian students turned rowdy and threatened to expel him from […]

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Ugandan LGBTI Community braces as Anti-Homosexuality Bill to be Debated in Parliament Tomorrow

By Melanie Nathan, Feb 11, 2013. Ugandan LGBTI community is bracing itself for the moment that they knew would come, but hoped would not, as they report that The Anti-Homosexuality Bill, also known as the Kill the Gays Bill, is scheduled for its second debate tomorrow, in Uganda’s Parliament. This could lead to swift passage […]

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Controversial Journalist Andrew Mwenda on educating Ugandans to counter homophobia

Andrew Mwenda is still a great ally and an important voice and I do not purport to understand Ugandans better than he does, however I believe strongly that it is time for people in his capacity to introduce a much more productive and proactive route toward the truth about homosexuality for presentation to Ugandans. View […]

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ALLOUT petition misrepresents purpose and exploits Ugandan Kill the Gays

There is absolutely zero proof of a connection between the ALLOUT Petition and the fact that the Uganda Bill did not pass Parliament this month. By Melanie Nathan, December 14, 2012 In a letter to supporters,  the online Petition group ALLOUT appears to be claiming a solo victory (implied or overt) for the fact that […]

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Kill The Gays Bill slips off Ugandan Parliament Agenda in Favor of Presidential Speech

Museveni to provide Special Parliamentary Address and no sign of Kadaga Xmas Gift By Melanie Nathan, December 13, 2012. There is one day left of  Uganda’s Parliament for the year and after a month of taunting LGBT Ugandans while the Anti-Homosexuality Bill sat at position No. 1 for days on the Parliament Order Papers,  the […]

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Wild Rainbow Safaris Includes Uganda Regardless of Kill the Gays Bill

While calling for general boycotts may not serve the poor in such countries, I am not torn when it comes to making suggestions about travel.  I cannot stomach nature when I am told not to be natural! If I cannot be who I am, and my sister in that village across the way cannot be […]

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LGBTI Protests to Protect the South African Constitution

As The World Erupts in Protest Against Anti-Gay Uganda

Gay Ugandans The World Stands With You By Melanie Nathan, Dec 02, 2012. As Uganda is about to see dawn and open its parliament in the next few hours, the world has erupted into protest; from Paris to New York and back to London, with a tinge of Denmark and more, showing extreme horror at […]

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Uganda Embassy has been hit by Light Brigade Maryland | Uganda Reject Homophobia

While protesting the Kill the Gays Bill tonight Light Brigade Maryland has a friendly visit form The Secret Service who may well have liked what they were doing. The Secret Service stopped by Light Brigade Maryland‘s “REJECT UGANDAN HOMOPHOBIA” message tonight at the Ugandan Embassy. “That’s one jurisdiction of the law we have not had […]

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Uganda’s Parliamentary Process | How Easy to Pass The Anti-Homosexuality Bill

As of Dec 03, 2012, this is what is left of the process needed to pass The AHB By Melanie Nathan, December 01, 2012. The Anti-Homosexuality Bill is first on the Order Papers in Uganda’s Parliament and could proceed as early as Monday December 03, 2012.  How long the Bill, otherwise known as The Kill […]

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A Lesbian’s Statement to Uganda’s Parliament and Speaker Kadaga

By Melanie Nathan, November 27, 2012. PUBLIC STATEMENT OF MELANIE NATHAN, COMMISSIONER, Mother,  Sister, Daughter, Human Rights Commissioner, Marin County, U.S.A., Family Law Mediator and Human Rights Advocate. Hon. Speaker and Hon. Members of Uganda’s Parliament:- When I was in my early twenties I  realized that I was a lesbian.  I tried marriage to a […]

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Ugandan President Museveni and Scott Lively Play Gay

DECLARING UGANDA A CHRISTIAN NATION IN PREPARATION FOR THE ANTI-GAY -KILL THE GAYS- BILL By Melanie Nathan, November 24, 2012. On October 9 Yoweri Museveni, the President of Uganda had a moment playing God. He declared Uganda cleansed of all its sins.  And now by a stroke of the despots pray all but one ill […]

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The Process Ugandan Parliament Needs to Pass the Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Posted by Melanie Nathan, November 21, 2012. Uganda‘s Anti-Homosexuality Bill (often called the “Kill the Gays bill” in the media)[1][2][3] is a legislative proposal that would broaden the criminalisation of same-sex relations in Uganda by dividing homosexual behavior into two categories: “aggravated homosexuality”, in which an “offender” would receive the death penalty, or “the offence […]

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aaaaaaaaaaaaaa Brit producer of gay play in Uganda held-jail_0VpbJ2O5rI

Uganda Free David Cecil Now | Censorship Prevails through Arrest of British Producer

by Melanie Nathan, September 14, 2012. While we call for the release of David Cecil, Radio one in Uganda is refusing to speak on the  air about the arrest of  the Ugandan based British producer of the play, “The River and the Mountain.”  And one will probably find the Ugandan media quiet on the subject.  […]

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Human Rights Watch Reports Ugandan Government’s Increasing Harassment of LGBT NGO’s

BY MELANIE NATHAN, AUGUST 21, 2012. In a report released today, Human Rights watch (HRW) asserts that research and advocacy organizations in Uganda which deal with controversial topics are facing increasing harassment by Uganda’s government. Groups have recently faced forced closure of meetings, threats, harassment, arrest, and punitive bureaucratic interference. The 50-page report, “Curtailing Criticism: […]

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Hate Speech as Ugandan Minister Onek Vows to Kill NGO’s that Help Gays

By Melanie Nathan August 08,2012. Watch Ugandan media and officials describe homosexuality as decadence, while  Minister Onek vows to clamp down  on all non profit organizations that he says hide this promotion of decadence behind so called “human rights.”   The ministry has decided it will conduct checks on all NGO’s looking “for suspected culprits.” The […]

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U.S. Secretary Hillary Clinton Pays Tribute to Ugandan Gay Rights Defenders

By Melanie Nathan, August 04, 2012, “I’m well aware that you do your work often amidst difficult, even dangerous circumstances. I know that some of your lives have been threatened, your friends and families intimidated. But I want you to know that the United States is and will be your partner.” Hillary Clinton United States […]

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museveni voters

Ugandan President Museveni Warns Obama and Cameron on Promotion of Homosexuality

My Response to the Ugandan President’s London Interview as noted in Ugandan Daily Monitor. By Melanie Nathan, 02/26/2012 The President of Uganda Yoweri Museveni says Uganda “does not persecute gays, but resents promotion of gay activities.” According to the Uganda Monitor, this is the first time the President, who was in London for a one-day […]

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U.S. Deputy Sec. of State talks Human Rights to Uganda’s President Museveni

US subtle warnings… diplomacy reigns supreme as US supports the African Union events this past month.. By Melanie Nathan, February 02, 2012 US Deputy Secretary of State Bill Burns has concluded his week-long visit to Africa in Ethiopia, venue of the 18th African Union Summit, the US State Department said in a statement obtained by […]

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Uganda Scapegoats Homosexuality as 14 Women Die in Childbirth on Xmas Day

by Melanie Nathan; December 26, 2011 Somehow I think the anti-homosexuality strategy on natural order and defilement needs a dramatic overhaul. Xmas is a day of joy and childbirths are highlighted as part of that joy, often heralding religious connotations and meaning.  But it is not that way for many as the day brought darkness […]

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