Melanie Nathan,
e-mail: [email protected]

twitter: @melanienathan1

  The time is now to end prejudice and discrimination against sexuality minorities worldwide!

Melanie Nathan is an activist for equality and a human rights advocate who writes and speaks about ending prejudice and discrimination against sexuality minorities, LGBTQI people in the USA and worldwide.

In addition to reporting related news and stories, OBLOGDEE serves as a platform for Nathan and her guests to highlight their work in a world where gay, lesbian, transgender, queer, intersex, and gender-free people are the subjects of inequality persecution and discrimination.

Melanie is executive director at African Human Rights Coalition –


21 thoughts on “CONTACT

  1. Wow!!! Mel, you’re a white tornado. I am honored to know you and am anxious to be of service in the future.

  2. Hi, Melanie
    Not sure if you’ve noticed yet, but wordpress has removed Gay, Lesbian and Homosexuality from their topic search. If you go to the wordpress reader (!/read/) and either click on any of those words or put them into the topic search, you get a message that says:
    Nothing to read.
    Find your friends, browse our recommended blogs, or have a look at Freshly Pressed.

    In fact, if any of those words are used as a tag, you no longer appear in the wordpress-reader. As you have a high profile… I thought maybe you could do something?

    1. wow that is cause for serious alarm. I will look into it and certainly write something about it if thats the case. Thanks for the alert!!!

      1. I’ve contacted them, they insist it’s a technical issue that will be fixed. I just find it very alarming that the technical issue coincidently involves the words gay, lebsian, transexual and homosexuality. here’s their response:

        1. interesting – i had a hard time getting onto the link you gave me, I will keep an eye on it too…. also will complain

        2. Seems he had a good explanation – and they know what problem is and they will fix same today BUT interesting that they closed the comment thread!!! they are clearly scared of taking any heat – of prompting too much accusation and flak re a possible bias

  3. Hi there Melanie – amazing work you do! Your article titled “South African National Protests by Gay Rights Activists Sheds Light on ANC Weakness” is profound, and sheds light on a dark area of politics.

    My name is Nicholas Gregory, and I am in the process of founding the first GBLTI Party of South Africa – politics WITHOUT the politics. The imagery on your blog is fantastic, and I’d love to know if I can use some of the images on our website (busy being constructed).

    You can visit to have a further look at our aims and objectives.

    Have a fantastic week further,


    1. Thanks Nic for making contact and for the kind words. I would be more than happy for you to make use of whatever material you want. I just need to be sure that the images you use are permitted by whomever gave the original permission in case copyrights apply. So please check with me per image and I will confirm same for your protection. Here is my private e-mail I would love to see your site and help in any way that I can. Best of luck…. mel.

  4. There seems to be a problem with commenting on the main page. My comments disappear and I am asked to Sign in numerous times. What seems to be the problem or am I barred from posting?

    1. No of course you are not barred. let me check it. I am not seeing comments here from you – thats strange. What page are you trying to comment on?

  5. hi melanie i cant find the right words to thank you for the job your doing am soo proud of you dear and the work your doing

  6. hi mel I truelly can’t find the right thank you for tbe work your doing for the LGBT in the world may God reward u with the best ever.i want to volunteer in any way am devoted to flirting for gender equality of the LGBT

  7. Melanie,

    Here is a heroic person:

    – Jim Wherry

  8. AS a lifelong activist since before Stonewall Rebellion and a participant in the four nights of rebellion against internalized homophobia and external oppression and as a founding member of the first post -Stonewall Rebellion political group, the Gay Liberation Front, which was formed the 3rd night of the rebellion, I would have signed this call for action if I had know about the petition. I have protested and written to HDC and spoken publicly about this outrageous endorsement by the Human Rights Campaign .. As a founding Board member of the LGBT community center in NYC and as a founding member of HEAL/Wipe Out AIDS (1982 ) and Act Up (1987) I know that community pushback has real meaning Thank you ufor the initiative. I am proud to stand up for Tammy Duckworth and to support this petition calling on HRC to reverse is endorsement

  9. Dear Sir,

    How are you? We are a gay couple and a transgender from Bangladesh. We are Muslim. Now we are in Nepal from hiding our family and religion group to save our life. We ask help from UNHCR. They registered us but Nepal is not safe for us because it’s so near from Bangladesh. Only 18 kilometer area in Nepal between Bangladesh. We don’t get basic facilities like safety, job, housing and moving freely in Nepal. We asking asylum with resettlement to UNHCR but they give only a paper where we are calling asylum seekers but no basic rights. What people need to survived. Now please tell me how and where can get our answers to survived in this world like a free and fear free life. Please tell me how can we move a safe place to live our life properly. Any NGO Organization or people can help us. If can please please please tell us. We need your suggestion advice and help very badly. Please help us


    Nepal has not signed the 1951 Refugee Convention and the 1967 Option Protocol relating to the status of refugees. In the absence of the legal framework, asylum seekers in Nepal do not get refugee status. Nepal treats them as illegal migrants.

    1. I understand the difficulty and I am sorry you are going through this. You can wrote to me at with your details.

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