The Shocking Truth of Corrective Rape – Survivors Speak from South Africa….

By Melanie Nathan , November 14, 2010.

WARNING – This is not for the faint of heart. The verbal descriptions in the Video contain explicit language. Corrective rape in South Africa has been on the rise. The term was coined in South Africa for what really amounts to a brutal hate rape- a crime against women; especially women who men perceive as not being available to serve their pleasure.

It is a stunning and ironic testament to continued discrimination- to ignorance. The failure to educate a populace in the most progressive and westernized of all the African Countries, casts an ironic shadow over the one Country that promises to protect lesbian, gay and gender equality in its Constitution.

When Nelson Mandela was released back in 1990 and Apartheid became a tear-drenched grave, a new explosion of lawlessness began and it’s legacy of unbridled hate may find a place in history that over shadows the horrors of apartheid.

South Africa has earned its title as ” The rape capital of the World,” with an estimated 500,000 rapes per year; tantamount to a shameful and preventable disaster of enormous proportion.
The men in the video who speak their hate with conviction and pompous entitlement, will be crowned coward; while the survivor women reflect the courage of true warriors and their bravery will sit in the hearts of many of us here in our privileged nests.

At the same time for as long as our own Government here in the USA continues to ignore our own desperate call for equality, and for as long as US Evangelical demons are set loose on African soil to spew their garbage indictments negating the right to love, we as a Nation are complicit in the crimes against humanity, for if we are no longer leaders qualified to call for an end to the hate, nor are we credible to impress upon ZUMA and MUGABE and the rest of Africa the Perils of such hate.

WARNING – This is not for the faint of heart. The verbal descriptions in the Video contain explicit language.

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